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Leung Tak-Cheung
Filmography (1959-1980)
  Art Director (27 films)
    In the Age of Blooming Teen (1959)    
    One Death, Three Criminals (1959)    
    Feast of a Rich Family (1959)    
    The Scholar and the Woman Ghost (1962)    
    Tung Hsiao Wan (1963)    
    An Ill-fated Beauty (1963)    
    Take a Husband (1963)    
    A Big Restaurant (1964)    
    Hidden Love (1964)    
    Getting Married (1964)    
    Two Swordswomen (1965)    
    The Valley of Death (1965)    
    Emperor Takes a Holiday (1965)    
    The Real and the Fake Lover (1965)    
    The Cricket and the King (1966)    
    The Painted Skin (1966)    
    Embroidered Scarf (1966)    
    I Have Come Again (1968)    
    Oh, the Spring's Here! (1968)    
    Destiny of Love (1969)    
    The Hut on Hilltop (1970)    
    The Jugglers (1970)    
    The Storm of the Ancient Bell (1970)    
    Adventure in Paradise (1970)    
    The Best Friends (1976)    
    The Good, the Bad and the Beauties (1978)    
    To Kill the Big Villain in Mt. Tai (1980)