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Yan Chung-Sheng
Aliases:  Yan Chong-Sheng,  Yim Sung-Sing,  Man Shung-Sing
Filmography (1973-1991)
  Cinematographer (11 films)
    A Love Affair in Taipei (1973)    
    How Is the Weather Today (1973)    
    Run Lover Run (1975)    
    Eight Hundred Heroes (1975)    
    The Operations of Spring Wind (1977)    
    Gone with Honor (1979)    
    The Undated Wedding (1980)    
    Lonely Famous Sword (1980)    
    A Lily in the Valley (1982)    
    When the Ocean Is Blue (1988)    
    A Brighter Summer Day (1991)    
  Actor (3 films)
    A Love Affair in Taipei (1973)    
    Don't Forget the Promise (1980)    
    A Brighter Summer Day (1991)