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Wong Shen
Aliases:  Wong Shing
Filmography (1977-2002)
  Lighting (15 films)
    Heroes of the Eastern Skies (1977)    
    Run Away (1984)    
    Kuei-Mei, a Woman (1985)    
    Dark Night (1986)    
    Hanson My Son (1986)    
    Split of the Spirit (1987)    
    Rouge of the North (1988)    
    The Digger - For Whom the Suona Blows (1988)    
    A Woman and Seven Husbands (1990)    
    The Story of a Gangster (1990)    
    King of Chess (1991)    
    Lonely Hearts Club (1994)    
    Red Persimmon (1995)    
    Lament of the Sand River (2000)    
    The Skywalk Is Gone (2002)