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Violet Lee Ying  ♀
Aliases:  Lee Ying (1),  Violet Li,  Li Ying
Born: 1954

Filmography (1974-2015)
  Actor (14 films)
    The Tiger Jump (1974)    
    The Inheritor of Kung Fu (1974)    
    The Seven Coffins (1975) ... Wang Hsiao Yan
    Shantung Man in Hong Kong (1975)    
    Star Wonderfun (1976)    
    No Money No Talk (1977)    
    He Has Nothing But Kung Fu (1977) ... Ho Yen
    Hong Yan Qing Jue Nu You Ling (1977)    
    The Gate of Hell (1980)    
    Soul Ash (1981)    
    Xiao Xiao Yang Er Yao Hui Jia (1981)    
    Here Comes the Wolf (1982)    
    Behind the Storm (1982)    
    Knock Knock Who's There? (2015) ... Isabella's mother