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Chan Yee-Wah  ♀
Aliases:  Chan Yi-Hwa,  Chen Ye-Hua
Born: October 11th, 1939

Filmography (1959-1968)
  Actor (14 films)
    Damaged Soul at Lakeside (1960)    
    But Darling How Wrong You Were (1961)    
    Shadow of a Ghost (1962)    
    Two Corpses (1962)    
    So Siu Siu (1962) ... Tsui Yun
    Blood Is Thicker Than Water (1962) ... Siu-Yin
    Let's Be Happy (1963)    
    The Eternal Smile (1963)    
    The Romance of the Jade Cicada Pair (1963)    
    Getting Married (1964)    
    The Chauffeur Was a Lady (1965)    
    The Eternal Beauty of Hsi-Shih (1965)    
    Golden-Masked Heroes (1967)    
    Golden Pheonix (1968)    
  Script Supervisor (1 film)
    Old Master Qiao in the Wedding Sedan (1959)