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王金鳳(2)  ♀
Wong Gam-Fung
Wang Chin-Fung,  Wang Chin-Feng,  Huang Chin-Feng,  Jin Ling,  Chin Ling
Born: 1947

Filmography (1967-1973)
  Actor (13 films)
    Spring Comes Late (1967)    
    The Undefeated Sword (1970)    
    The Iron Dragon (1971)    
    The Sword Hand (1971)    
    The 14 Amazons (1972) ... Ma Sai Ying
    King Boxer (1972) ... Singer Yen Chu-Hung
    The Thunderbolt Fist (1972) ... Feng Niou (adult)
    Deadly Fists (1972)    
    Pursuit (1972) ... Lin's Wife Mrs.Cheng / Chin Niang
    Funny Girl (1972)    
    The Ghost (1972)    
    Adultery Chinese Style (1973) ... [3] Mrs. Niu
    Love Is a Four Letter Word (1973)    
  Wang Chin-Feng was born in Taiwan on 25th of October and originated from Wuxi. In 1959 she was discovered by director Wang Feng, and in 1969 she signed up as a basic actress with Jin Ying Movie Company but went to work for Shaw Brothers in 1970. Her most famous films are "King Boxer" and "Pursuit" and they are all martial arts films. Later, Wang retired from the limelight.

From the Celestial DVD edition of "The Thunderbolt Fist".