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Kwong King
Filmography (1950-1954)
  Props (15 films)
    Kiss Me Again, My Love (1950)    
    Bandits of the Water Margin (1950)    
    The Rude Monk's Intrusion into Mount Wutai (1950)    
    The End of the Year Means Money (1950)    
    The Three Sieges of Zhu Village (Part 2) (1951)    
    The Three Sieges of Zhu Village (Part 1) (1951)    
    Marriage by Mistake (1951)    
    Blood-stained Azaleas (1951)    
    The Newly-Weds (1953)    
    Death of a Beauty (1953)    
    Under the Moon, by the Huai River, We Meet Again (1953)    
    A Woman's Revenge (1953)    
    Two Heroic Rivals (1953)    
    Return (1954)    
    Pretty Girl from Kuala Lumpur (1954)