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Leung Chan
Leung Tsan
Filmography (1949-1969)
  Makeup (1 film)
    Chen Shimei, the Unfaithful Husband and Qin Xianglian (1955)    
  Production Manager (1 film)
    Life With Courage And Joy (1969)    
  Editor (8 films)
    The Filial Wife Moved the Mother-in-Law (1959)    
    Revolt in Heaven (1960)    
    Reincarnated Love (1960)    
    The Prince Incognito (1961)    
    Unexpected Fortune (1961)    
    A Test of Love (1962)    
    Midnight Terror (1962)    
    The Uprighteous Officer and the Filial Daughter (1963)    
  Script Supervisor (3 films)
    For My Country (1949)    
    Romance Everywhere (1949)    
    Kiss Me Again, My Love (1950)