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Chang Yi-Hung  ♀
Aliases:  Chang Yi-Hon

Filmography (1956-1963)
  Actor (23 films)
    The Charm of a Million Flowers (1956) ... Luo Li-Juan
    Angel of the Vineyard (1956)    
    The Storm-Tossed Village (1957)    
    You Are the Winds of Spring (1957) ... Chu Chuen
    The Nightingale of Alishan (1957) ... Ma Chi-Ha
    Jade-Green Lake (1958)    
    The Flight of the Phoenix (1958)    
    The Blood-Stained Lantern (1958)    
    The Film World's Merry Song (1958)    
    Love's Sad Ending (1959) ... Miss Chen
    Princess of a Hundred Flowers (1959) ... Mao Yun-Bi
    She Sets My Heart on Fire (1959) ... Zhang Ai-Ling
    The Mermaid (1959)    
    All For Her (1959)    
    Secret Affairs (1960)    
    Night of the Long Knives (1960)    
    A Shadow Over the Chateau (1960) ... Zhang's daughter
    A Challenge of Love (1960)    
    The Innocent Girl (1960)    
    The Lady Musketeer (1960)    
    A Shadow Over the Chateau (1960)    
    Love Ditties on the Tea Hill (1962)    
    The Horrible Night (1963)    
  Daughter of Zhang Shankun, founder of Hsin Hwa film company.