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Zhi Xue-Fu
Aliases:  Chi Hok-Fook,  Chih Hsueh-Fu
Filmography (1964-1986)
  Lighting (20 films)
    Gu Nu Ling Po (1964)    
    Knight Errand Hu Jian-Ming (Part 3) (1964)    
    Dragon Inn (1967)    
    Silver Maid (1969)    
    Home Sweet Home (1970)    
    Everlasting Glory (1974)    
    The Talenty Girl (1974)    
    Rikisha Kuri (1974)    
    The Pleasure Girl (1975)    
    The Youthful Delinquents (1977)    
    The Story of a Small Town (1980)    
    Mission Over the Eagle Castle (1980)    
    The Battle for the Republic of China (1981)    
    Can't Stop the War (1982)    
    The Sandwich Man (1983)    
    All the King's Men (1983)    
    The Boys from FengKuei (1983)    
    The Time You Need a Friend (1984)    
    My Favorite Season (1985)    
    The Kinmen Bombs (1986)