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Chan Biu (1)  ♂
Aliases:  Chen Biao,  Chan Biu

Filmography (1940-1957)
  Actor (29 films)
    Expedition to the East (1940)    
    The Upright Bandits (1941)    
    Three Women (1947) ... Rogue
    The New White Golden Dragon (1947) ... Gangster
    Portrait of Four Beauties (1948)    
    Lion-Hearted Warriors (1948) ... Silly Piao
    The Judge Goes to Pieces (1948) ... Yeung Min
    The Handsome Master (1949) ... Brigand
    Zhuo Wenjun's Night Visit to Xiangru (1949) ... Thug
    Between the Suited and the Suitor (1949) ... Lee Sun
    Hung Hei-Kun's Big Brawl at the Lau Village (1949)    
    Waste Not Our Youth (1949) ... Masked bandit
    The Hunchbacked Dragon (1949) ... Dumb Chang
    The Story of Wong Fei-Hung, Part 4: The Death of Liang Huan (1950)    
    The Flying Swordsman's Bloody Battle at Zhou Village (1950)    
    The Hero Becomes a Prisoner of Love (1950)    
    How Shaolin Monastery Was Reduced to Ashes (1950)    
    Peach-Blossom Hero Spies on Poisonous Dragon Swamp by Night (1950)    
    Hu Weiqian Smashes the Engine Room (1950)    
    How Fong Kong Heroine Got into a Bloody Fight on Flying Cloud Pagoda (1950)    
    The Mis-Matched In-Laws (1951)    
    The Powerful-leg Hero (1952)    
    A Second Visit to the City of Love (1952)    
    Wise Guy (1952)    
    Money Talks (1953) ... Detective
    The Voyage of the Dead (1954) ... Guard A
    We'll Meet Again (1954)    
    The Mystery of the Human Head (1955)    
    Blood and Gold (1957)    
  Costume Designer (1 film)
    You're Smart in One Way, I in Another (1947)