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Chen Si-Si  ♀
Aliases:  Chan See-See,  Chen Sze-Sze,  Chan Si-Si (1),  Chen Li-Mei
Born: 1938 - Died: October 7th, 2007

Filmography (1956-1985)
  Actor (42 films)
    She Swallowed Her Sorrows (1956) ... Huang Miaochang
    The Strange Hero, Part 1 (1956) ... Showgirl
    Rose Cliff (1956)    
    The Shadow (1957) ... Ma Ling
    Ming Phoon (1957) ... Wan"er
    The Brigands (1957) ... Huang Qimei
    Suspicion (1957) ... Huang Xiao-Ping
    The Lone Woman (1957)    
    The Outsider (1958) ... Alice
    The Nature of Spring (1958) ... Pei Li
    Affairs of Kitty (1958) ... Hsiao Ping
    Miss Fragrance (1958) ... Cen Xiaolan
    Feast of a Rich Family (1959) ... Guest at banquet
    Flowers and Cheers (1959)    
    One Million for Me (1959)    
    Love Affairs of a Confirmed Bachelor (1959) ... Fang Lan
    The Golden Beauty (1959) ... Jin Lulu
    Wonderful Thoughts (1959) ... Li Xiaoxiang
    Come On, Everybody! (1960) ... Hsiao Yan-Fei
    Girl on the Front Page (1960) ... Qin Xiaoqin
    A Dazzling Trap (1961) ... Zhang Peiwen
    The Lady Racketeer (1961) ... Zhao Cui
    Red Bat Apartment (1962) ... Liang Li-Qin
    Treasure Island (1964)    
    Three Charming Smiles (1964) ... Qiuxiang
    Romantic World (1965) ... Li Mei-Li
    A Pink Dream (1965)    
    The Gold Diggers (1965) ... Han Yi
    The Jade Bow (1966) ... Li Shen-Nan
    Spring Thunder (1967)    
    Ying Ku (1967) ... Huang Ying Gu
    The Unicorn Fortress (1968)    
    The Love Tide (1968)    
    Love Song of Twins (1968) ... Xiao Niu
    Stormy Pearls (1968)    
    Redress (1969) ... Miss Hsin
    I Don't Want to Divorce (1970)    
    The Filial Girl at the Icy Valley (1970)    
    Dusk (1970)    
    The Ghost's Revenge (1971)    
    The Warrant of Assassination (1980) ... Yi Cheng Feng
    Shanghai Adventure (1985)    
  Hong Kong film star Chen Sisi who passed away on the 7th due to complication from cancer at the Shanghai Huadong Hospital at the age of 69. Over her over 30 film, decade long career she has performed in many movies, she was best known for her role Qiu Xiang in THREE CHARMING SMILES (SAM SIU). Chen Sisi was originally named Chen Limei. Born in Shanghai in 1938, her ancestral home was Ningbo, Zhejiang. Later she and her family moved to Hong Kong. In 1954 she joined the Great Wall Film Company and has performed in many classic films, including the Shi Hui starred MING PHOON (MING FUNG) as Wan'Er, THE JADE BOW (WAN HOI YUK GUNG YUEN), YING KU (SEUNG CHEUNG WONG YING GU), etc. Yet the most memorable had to be her role of QIu Xiang in THREE CHARMING SMILES, which won the audience over. This film also has launched her film career to its peak as she became a red hot top tier star. At the time she, Xia Mong, and Shi Hui became the Great Wall Film Studio's "Three Princesses". Ng See Yuen yesterday expressed sorrow upon learning Chen Sisi's passing. He said that Chen Sisi was a representative of the previous generation Hong Kong film professionals. His first film MAD KILLER (FUNG KONG SAT SAU) in 1971 starred Chen Sisi's husband Gao Yuan. At the time Chen Sisi constantly visited the set. At that time he saw the already retired Chen Sisi for the first time and felt that she did not have any star arrogance at all and was very friendly.

(No Top Ten Box Office site, October 11, 2007)