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Hu Ting-Yi
Aliases:  Hu Ding-Yi,  Woo Deng-Yat
Filmography (1982-2006)
  Sound Recordist (15 films)
    Portrait of a Fanatic (1982)    
    Osmanthus Alley (1988)    
    When the Ocean Is Blue (1988)    
    Strawman (1988)    
    Banana Paradise (1989)    
    Ming Ghost (1990)    
    A Woman and Seven Husbands (1990)    
    Rebels of the Neon God (1992)    
    Green Green Leaves of Home (1993)    
    Accidental Legend (1996)    
    Murmur of Youth (1997)    
    Lament of the Sand River (2000)    
    Be My Valentine (2002)    
    Comes the Black Dog (2003)    
    My Fair Laddy (2006)    
  Sound Editor (1 film)
    Murmur of Youth (1997)