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Sung Ling-Yu  ♀
Aliases:  Sung Jan-Yuk

Filmography (1971-1979)
  Assistant Director (1 film)
    Judicial Sword (1975)    
  Script Supervisor (1 film)
    Heroine (1975)    
  Actor (13 films)
    Woman Guerilla with Two Guns (1971) ... Female guerilla
    Chivalrous Robber Lee San (1972)    
    The Saviour Monk (1975)    
    The Super Riders V3 (1975)    
    The Phantom Madam Peach Blossom (1975)    
    The Last Battle of Yang Chao (1976)    
    The Five of Super Rider (1976)    
    The Invisible Terrorist (1976) ... Yi Yi's mother
    The North and South Chivalry (1977)    
    A Misty Love (1977)    
    Secret of Chinese Kung Fu (1978)    
    The Tragedy Came from Vietnam (1979)    
    Xia Yan De Yi Da (1979)