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Hsiung Yen
Hsiung Yan,  Hung Jim,  Xiong Yan
Filmography (1967-1980)
  Production Manager (19 films)
    Greatest Fight (1968)    
    My Love For You (1968)    
    The Avenger (1969)    
    The Ace of Swordsman (1969)    
    The Magic Sword (1969)    
    Duel at Black Dunes (1969)    
    A Sword for a Killer (1970)    
    Evergreen Mountains (1970)    
    Don't Leave Me Alone (1970)    
    I Am Not a Vagabond (1971)    
    To Attack the Beauty Fort (1972)    
    Impetuous Fire (1973)    
    Can Deng You Ling San Geng Tian (1976)    
    Lv Dong-Bin Tricks Bai Mu-Dan Three Times (1978)    
    Horror Inn (1979)    
    Tao Yan Gui (1980)    
    Scary Devil (1980)    
    Feng Kuang Da Zhui Qiu (1980)    
    Ah Hsi and Ah Hua (1980)    
  Actor (3 films)
    Recalling My Dreams (1967)    
    The Fate (1979)    
    Tao Yan Gui (1980)    
  Planning (1 film)
    The Dragon Killer (1975)