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Man Yee (1)  ♀
Aliases:  Man Ngai

Filmography (1953-1956)
  Actor (8 films)
    How Wong Fei-Hung Defeated Three Bullies with a Rod (1953) ... Man-Yee
    Under the Moon, by the Huai River, We Meet Again (1953)    
    Story of Iron Monkey, The Sequel (1955)    
    Iron-Monkey (1955)    
    Story of Iron Monkey, The Concluding Episode (1955)    
    Wong Fei-Hung Rescues the Fishmonger (1956)    
    Lei Zhensheng's Many Adventures (1956) ... Sin Mei-Ying
    Wong Fei-Hung at a Boxing Match (1956) ... Bully Hung's wife