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Shuei Chung
Sit Chung,  Shei Chung
Filmography (1968-1981)
  Lighting (15 films)
    Jiang Zi-ya Goes Down the Mountain (1968)    
    Jiang Zi-Ya Descends the Mountain (1969)    
    Tsu Hong Wu (1971)    
    April Melody (1975)    
    Heroine Kan Lien Chu (1976)    
    Seven Spirit Pagoda (1976)    
    The Monkey Love (1978)    
    Filthy Guy (1978)    
    The Legend of Eight Knights (1980)    
    The Lost Kung Fu Secrets (1980)    
    Lord Chuang, Li Tzu Cheng (1980)    
    Born in Coffin (1980)    
    Kung Fu Kids Break Away (1980)    
    Stooges in Love (1981)    
    Deadly Duo (1981)