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Yung Sai-Choi
Aliases:  Yung Sai-Chi,  Ong Shih-Chai
Filmography (1966-1994)
  Art Director (16 films)
    The Elusive Golden Butterfly (1966)    
    Between Justice and Love (1966)    
    Killer of Snake, Fox of Shaolin (1978)    
    The Magnificent (1978)    
    Wild Cherry (1982)    
    Top Fit (1983)    
    Naughty Girls (1983)    
    Dragons of the Orient (1988)    
    A Romantic Ghost Story (1988)    
    Satanic Crystals (1989)    
    The Dragon Fighter (1990)    
    The Holy Virgin Versus the Evil Dead (1991)    
    Spiritually a Cop (1991)    
    Ladies Killer (1992)    
    Battle in Hell (1992)    
    Shaolin Kung Fu (1994)