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Tsu Kang  ♂
Aliases:  Cho Hong

Filmography (1960-1981)
  Production Manager (22 films)
    I Hate You Deeply (1967)    
    The Last Days of Hsin Yang (1968)    
    The Ill Wind (1970)    
    The Fairy Fox and Ghost (1970)    
    Feng Kuang Chia Jen (1970)    
    Duel with Samurai (1971)    
    The Devilish Killer (1971)    
    Bronze Head and Steel Arm (1972)    
    Story of Daisy (1972)    
    Adventure of First Night (1972)    
    Two Dragons Fight Against Tiger (1974)    
    Valley of the Double Dragon (1974)    
    Marco Polo (1975)    
    The Fantastic Magic Baby (1975)    
    Seven Man Army (1976)    
    Boxer Rebellion (1976)    
    The New Shaolin Boxers (1976)    
    Pen She Shi Di Ai Qing (1977)    
    Bao Zha De Ai Qing (1978)    
    Fallen Flowers, Flowing Water, the Spring Is Gone (1979)    
    Ku Qing Cao (1980)    
    The Gambler's Duel (1981)    
  Actor (5 films)
    The Daring Gang of Nineteen from Verdun City (1960)    
    Bloodbath in Emerald Valley (1960)    
    Red Scarf, the Flying Heroine (1961)    
    Trouble on the Wedding Night (1964) ... Wang Fu
    The 14th Daughter of Hsin Family (1966) ... Jailer
  Planning (2 films)
    Knotted Love (1966)    
    Big Brother (1974)