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陳雲  ♂
Chan Wan (2)
Chan Man-To,  Au-Yeung Man-Wai,  Lau Cheung-Ching,  Chui Hiu,  Chun Man-To,  Chui Gon-Ji,  Wong Yiu,  Ding Chi,  Chan Lo-Man,  Liu Chan-Qing
Born: April 22nd, 1921 - Died: January 17th, 2009

Filmography (1952-1982)
  Actor (8 films)
    The Satisfactory Wedding (1952) ... Stupid Tsui
    The Romantic Affair of Borrowing a Wife (1952)    
    Foster-Daddy's Romantic Affairs (1952) ... Bar waiter
    Ten Fat Brides for Skinny (1952)    
    A Bachelor's Love Affair (1953)    
    Soul of the Jade Pear (1953) ... Old servant
    Resurrection (1955) ... Ah Gau
    Cold Nights (1955) ... Office worker
  Director (33 films)
    A Helping Hand (1960)    
    The Pursuers (1960)    
    Lost Girl (1961)    
    My Friend's Wife (1962)    
    To Capture the God of Wealth (1962)    
    Childless Wife (1964)    
    Hidden Love (1964)    
    All Are Happy (1964)    
    The Curse (1965)    
    The Unaffected Love (1965)    
    Love of a Pedicab Man (1965)    
    My Darling Wife (1965)    
    The Dutiful Daughter Chu Chu (1966)    
    To Marry a Ghost (1966)    
    Colourful Youth (1966)    
    Romance of a Teenage Girl (1966)    
    The Deadly Angel (1966)    
    You Do Me Wrong (1966)    
    The Girl with Long Hair (1967)    
    My Fair Lady (1967)    
    Youth's Love (1967)    
    The Horrifying Adventure of a Girl (1967)    
    A Glamourous Christmas Night (1967)    
    Bunny Girl (1967)    
    Beauty in the Mist (1968)    
    Love with a Prodigal (1968)    
    The Daughter Who Steals (1968)    
    Bride in Chains (1968)    
    Social Characters (1969)    
    Twin Guns (1969)    
    The Young Patrol (1970)    
    Fairy of King Fa (1970)    
    Blow Up (1982)    
  Writer (59 films)
    The Satisfactory Wedding (1952)    
    Emperor's Nocturnal Sacrifice (1952)    
    Eighteen Marriages of a Smart Girl (1954)    
    This Wonderful Life (1954)    
    The Next Generation (1955)    
    Chen Shimei, the Unfaithful Husband and Qin Xianglian (1955)    
    Broken Zither Bower (1955)    
    Nocturnal Dreams of Love (1956)    
    The Pipa's Lament (1957)    
    Lovers' Tears (1958)    
    The Prodigal's Return (1958)    
    Sweet Girl in Terror (1958)    
    The Story of a Chaste Woman (1958)    
    A Virtuous Girl from a Humble House (1958)    
    Pin-up Girl (1958)    
    The Fairy Shepherdess (1958)    
    A Pretty Girl's Love Affair (1958)    
    Crime of Passion in the Hotel (1958)    
    Glass Slippers (1959)    
    The Vengeance of the Vampire (1959)    
    Love on the Lonely Bridge (1959)    
    Besieged (1959)    
    The Case of the Female Corpse (1959)    
    Bride from Another Town (1959)    
    A Helping Hand (1960)    
    An Orphan Was Born in Thunderstorm (1960)    
    Revolt in Heaven (1960)    
    Love Knot (Part 2) (1960)    
    Love Knot (Part 1) (1960)    
    The Pursuers (1960)    
    Nine Victims to a Murder (1960)    
    The Ever-blooming Waterlilies (1960)    
    Fortune (1960)    
    Case of Murder (1961)    
    How to Get a Wife (1961)    
    Lost Girl (1961)    
    Romantic Thief (1962)    
    To Capture the God of Wealth (1962)    
    My Friend's Wife (1962)    
    The Strange Lady Xue Yiniang (1962)    
    Bedside Horror (1963)    
    Women's World (1963)    
    Love Forever (1963)    
    Childless Wife (1964)    
    The First Prize (1964)    
    Hidden Love (1964)    
    Playful Young Folks (1965)    
    The Sinner (Part 1) (1965)    
    Love Has Many Faces (1965)    
    Furious Phoenix and the Mad Dragon (1965)    
    The Sinner (Part 2) (1965)    
    A Glamourous Christmas Night (1967)    
    Bunny Girl (1967)    
    The Daughter Who Steals (1968)    
    Beauty in the Mist (1968)    
    Love with a Prodigal (1968)    
    Social Characters (1969)    
    Twin Guns (1969)    
    The Young Patrol (1970)    
  Producer (1 film)
    Blow Up (1982)    
  Assistant Director (8 films)
    Emperor's Nocturnal Sacrifice (1952)    
    A Love So Deep and Great (1952)    
    Sunrise (1953)    
    Cold Nights (1955)    
    Memories of a Drifting Life (1955)    
    Oriole's Song (1956)    
    The Girl Next Door (1957)    
    Sweet Girl in Terror (1958)    
  Original Story (1 film)
    Murder on a Wedding Night (1958)    
  Story (1 film)
    Death to the Killer (1960)    
  Born in 1921. During his career he used several pseudonyms.

- With the name of Au Yeung Man Wai: Writer: 1955: The Next Generation; Broken-Zither Bower; Chen Shimei, the Unfaithful Husband and Qin Xianglian.

- With the name of Lau Cheung Ching: Writer: 1958: The Fairy Shepherdess; How an Honest Official Passed the Death Sentence on a Chaste Widow. 1960: Fortune; The Ever-blooming Waterlilies; Revolt in Heaven; An Orphan Was Born in Thunderstorm. 1961: Case of Murder. 1962: The Strange Lady Xue Yiniang.

- With the name of Chui Hiu: Director: 1966: Colourful Youth; To Marry a Ghost. 1967: The Horrifying Adventure of a Girl; The Girl with Long Hair; My Fair Lady. 1968: Bride in Chains. Writer: 1963: Women's World.

- With the name of Chun Man To: Director: 1966: The Dutiful Daughter Zhu Zhu. 1967: Youth's Love; Bunny Girl; A Glamorous Christmas Night. 1968: The Daughter Who Steals; Love with a Prodigal; Beauty in the Mist.

- With the name of Ding Chi: Writer: 1967: A Glamorous Christmas Night; Bunny Girl. 1968: Love with a Prodigal; Beauty in the Mist; The Daughter Who Steals.

He also used (with Lo Dun) the joint pseudonym of Chui Gon Ji.