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蕭芳芳  ♀
Josephine Siao Fong-Fong
Xiao Liang,  Josephine Shiao,  Siao Fang-Fang,  Shiau Fang-Fang
Born: March 13th, 1947 (China)

Filmography (1954-1997)
  Producer (2 films)
    Lam Ah Chun (1978)    
    The Spooky Bunch (1980)    
  Director (1 film)
    Jumping Ash (1976)    
  Actor (211 films)
    Tears of a Young Concubine (1954) ... Hsiao-Yu
    Return (1954) ... Er-Niu
    Loves of the Youngsters (1955) ... Yan Ke-man
    An Orphan's Tragedy (1955) ... Polly/Bui-Yee (child)
    Wayward Love (1955) ... Hsiao-Ling
    Never Leave Me (1955) ... Hu Zhiqing
    Year In, Year Out (1955) ... Ho Fang-Fang
    Between Father and Daughter (1955)    
    It So Happens to a Woman (1955)    
    The Orphan Girl (1956) ... Mei Jie (child)
    She Swallowed Her Sorrows (1956) ... Yu Rongrong
    Rose Cliff (1956)    
    All About a Lady (1957) ... Chen Hsiao-Fang
    The Lone Woman (1957)    
    Nobody's Child (1960) ... Xiaomei
    The Daring Gang of Nineteen from Verdun City (1960) ... Sha Yen
    Madam Yun (1960) ... Ching-Yee
    Night of the Long Knives (1960) ... Sha Yan
    Bloodbath in Emerald Valley (1960) ... Chang Hsiao-Tsui
    Filial Piety (1960) ... Ting Siu-Yin
    The Snow Peak Nymph (1960) ... Lee Yee-Yee
    The Deadly Whip of Bones (1960) ... Snow Peak Nymph, Lee Yi-Yi
    Filial Piety that Moves Heaven (Part 1) (1960) ... Tong Tai-Bo
    Filial Piety that Moves Heaven (Part 2) (1960) ... Tong Tai-Bo
    Bo King Shun Kong (1961)    
    The Attack of the Five Fairies Monastery (1961) ... Lee Yee-Yee
    The Swords of Tien Shan (Part 1) (1961) ... Kam Ming-Chu
    Mother Love (1961) ... Ha Sui-Ying
    The Heroic Lovers From the Tomb (1961) ... Xiao Xiaofen
    Pity Orphan (1961) ... Boot
    Tian Shan Gibbon Girl (1961) ... Mang
    The Swords of Tien Shan (Part 2) (1961) ... Kam Ming-Chu
    Sword of Vengeance (Part 1) (1961) ... Lam Chui-Yee
    The Search of Loved One (1961) ... Siu-ping
    Sword of Vengeance (Part 2) (1961) ... Lam Chui-Yee
    White Hair Girl of Miu Shan (Part 1) (1961) ... Chun Miu-Fa
    Combat Between Seven Swords and Five Dragons (1961)    
    White Hair Girl of Miu Shan (Part 2) (1961) ... Chun Miu-Fa
    Ingenious Fluter (Part 1) (1961) ... Lin Choi-Fung
    Ingenious Fluter (Part 2) (1961) ... Lin Choi-Fung
    Public Spirited Lovers (Part 1) (1961) ... Ho Ling
    Public Spirited Lovers (Part 2) (1962)    
    Hero of the Twin Swords and the Magic Whip (1962)    
    Giving Birth on the Bridge (1962)    
    The Strange Hero Fen Ju-Hua (1962)    
    Filial Son's Treasure-hunt (1962) ... The rabbit, a fairy
    The Invisible Heroine (1962) ... Yuk-Ying
    How the Ape Girl Stole the Lotus Lamp (1962)    
    Duel on Mount Dragon (1962) ... Yuk Ying
    Young Sparrow in Fright (1962) ... Lai Yuk-Yin
    Story of the Sword (1962) ... Snow Mountain Ape Girl, Sheung-kwun Ngan
    Magic Mirror, Mythical Pearl (Part 1) (1962) ... Little Devil Girl
    Magic Mirror, Mythical Pearl (Part 2) (1962) ... Little Devil Girl
    Filial Piety Is the Best Virtue (1962)    
    Ma Yong-Zhen from Shandong (1962) ... Mei Chun-Fang
    Seven Swords Shock the World (1962)    
    Magic Sword (Part 1) (1963)    
    The Tiger in Hunting (1963)    
    Magic Sword (Part 2) (1963)    
    The Invincible Sword (1963)    
    Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery (Part 1) (1963)    
    The Magic Whip (1963)    
    Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery (Part 2) (1963)    
    The Killing Flag (Part 1) (1963) ... Seung Pik-Wan
    The Murderous White-boned Blade (1963)    
    The Killing Flag (Part 2) (1963) ... Seung Pik-Wan
    Marching Down the South (Part 1) (1963)    
    Marching Down the South (Part 2) (1963)    
    The Magnificent Ones (Part 1) (1963)    
    Grievances of a Family (1963) ... Chan Siu-Fan
    The Golden Coat (Part 1) (1963)    
    The Golden Coat (Part 2) (1963)    
    Red Thread Steals a Precious Box (1963)    
    The Magnificent Ones (Part 2) (1963)    
    The Poisonous Cicada (1963)    
    The Conquering Sword (1963)    
    The Horrible Night (1963)    
    Half a Sword (Part 1) (1963) ... Sum Nam-Sze
    Half a Sword (Part 2) (1963) ... Sum Nam-Sze
    Golden Scissors (Part 1) (1963)    
    Golden Scissors (Part 2) (1964)    
    The Magic Crane and the Golden Eagle (1964)    
    Sword of the Buddha's Warrior (1964)    
    The Dragon and the Bat (1964)    
    The Club of Magic Flame (1964) ... Yip Ching-Sheung
    Seven Fights with Nine Tail Fox (1964) ... Jade Hare Spirit
    The Adventures of Nazha (1965) ... Nazha
    Burning of Pingyang City (1965)    
    Sword of Swords (1965)    
    Monkey Saint Versus Eight Fairies (1965) ... Yiu-Kam
    The Hero and the Beauty (Part 1) (1965)    
    The Hero and the Beauty (Part 2) (1965) ... Ku Piu-Heung
    Beautiful Queen of Hell (Part 1) (1965)    
    Beautiful Queen of Hell (Part 2) (1965)    
    The Furious Buddha's Palm (1965)    
    Ji Gong Is After the Demon (1965) ... Yim-Sheung
    The Decree of Death (1965) ... Wan-Sheung
    Monkey Saint Teases the Fairy of Flowers (1965) ... Flower Fairy
    Ji Gong Raids the Courtoom (1965)    
    Romance of the Sword (1966) ... Liu Kit Fong
    Jade in the Red Dust (Part 1) (1966)    
    Jade in the Red Dust (Part 2) (1966)    
    Jade in the Red Dust (Grand Finale) (1966)    
    Eternal Love (1966)    
    The Infatuating Palm (Part 1) (1966)    
    The Infatuating Palm (Part 2) (1966)    
    The Infernal Gate (Part 1) (1966)    
    The Infernal Gate (Part 2) (1966)    
    Sacred Fire, Heroic Wind (Part 1) (1966) ... To Kuen-Yee
    Sacred Fire, Heroic Wind (Part 2) (1966) ... To Kuen-Yee
    Romance of a Teenage Girl (1966) ... Yuk Han / Bo Ying
    Monkey King and the Imps (1966) ... Miu Chi
    Colourful Youth (1966)    
    The Golden Bat (1966)    
    Return of the Golden Bat (1966)    
    An Avenger's Tale (Part 1) (1966)    
    An Avenger's Tale (Part 2) (1966)    
    Nyasa Lad Against Seven Devils (1966)    
    Fire Dragon and the Mythical Pearl (1966)    
    The Aftermath of a Fire (Part 1) (1966)    
    Banner of the Twin Phoenixes (Part 1) (1966)    
    Banner of the Twin Phoenixes (Part 2) (1966)    
    The Aftermath of a Fire (Part 2) (1966)    
    Young and Furious (Part 1) (1966)    
    Young and Furious (Part 2) (1966)    
    The Heroic Tribe (Part 1) (1966)    
    The Heroic Tribe (Part 2) (1966)    
    The Three Swordsmen (1967)    
    The Horrifying Adventure of a Girl (1967)    
    Lau Kam Ding - the Female General (1967)    
    Happy Years (1967) ... Mei-Yuk/Yuk
    How the Sacred Fire Heroic Winds Defeat the Fire Lotus Array (1967) ... To Kuen-Yee
    Seven Princesses (Part 1) (1967) ... Luk Sau-King
    Seven Princesses (Part 2) (1967) ... Luk Sau-King
    The Flying Red Rose (1967)    
    I Love A-Go-Go (1967) ... So So
    Maiden Thief (1967)    
    The Lady Killer (1967) ... Wong Fuk-Mui
    Shaky Steps (1967) ... Lui Suk-Chong
    The Legend of Gods and Goddesses (1967)    
    Lightning Killer (1967) ... Fong Ching-Wah
    Youth's Love (1967)    
    The Professionals (1967) ... Kam Ngau/Gold Gull
    Song of Happiness (1967) ... Lung Lai-Chu
    My Fair Lady (1967)    
    The Young Ones (1967) ... Sek Lan-Chi
    Romance of a Teenage Girl (1967) ... Kit-Fong
    Tender Love (1967) ... Choi Yuen Wah/Ma Siu Lai
    A Sweet Girl (1967)    
    Lady in Pink (1967) ... Kwok Siu-lan
    The Golden Cat (1967) ... Golden Cat
    Diamond Robbery (1967)    
    You Are the One I Love (1967) ... Law Oi-Lin
    Beauty's Trap (1967)    
    Golden Skeleton (1967) ... Lam Chun-Nei
    The Blue Bees (1967)    
    Rocambole (1967) ... Ching Yuk-Chu
    Blood Stains the Iron Fist (1967) ... Ting Wai-Kuen
    Bride in Chains (1968)    
    Happy Years (1968) ... Lily Yeung, Mui Fun
    Joy to the World (1968) ... Lam Fung-Hwa
    Be My Love (1968)    
    Red Lips of May (1968) ... Lam Oi-Lin
    Purple Night (1968) ... Cheung Chi-Yin
    Blue Falcon (1968)    
    Lucky Girl with a Thousand Faces (1968) ... Yeung Yee-Wah
    A Great Lover (1968) ... Wong Lai-Nar
    The Blossoming Season (1968) ... Leung Siu Wei
    Decree of the Fire Dragon (1968) ... Lee Yuk-Wan
    A Patch of Love (1968) ... Kit-Fong
    Rhapsody (1968) ... Ma Li-Chuan
    Wonderful Youth (1968) ... Anna Tai
    The Daughter Who Steals (1968) ... Fannie Poon
    The Window (1968) ... Lu Lu-Ming
    Love with a Prodigal (1968) ... Yat Bing
    A Mad Rush Into Love (1968)    
    The Vengeful Spirit (1968)    
    Let's Sing and Dance to Celebrate a Peaceful Year (1969)    
    Moments of Glorious Beauty (1969) ... Doris
    Miss Fragrance (1969) ... Diana
    Teddy Girls (1969) ... Josephine Tsui Yuk-ching
    Dragon Flies While Phoenix Dances (1969) ... Mei-Fung
    The Romantic Girl Who Plays Hard-to-Get (1969) ... Yeung Yuk Fung
    The Strange Couple Who Steal (1969) ... Wong Wan Ping
    Mother Wants Me to Get Married (1969) ... Hung Lai-Wan
    Singing Darlings (1969) ... Rose Hung
    Sword of Emei (1969) ... Law Fung-Ying
    Four Darling Daughters (1969) ... Wu Yuet-Wah
    To Crack the Dragon Gate (1970) ... Fong Pik-Yee
    Bruce Lee, the Man and the Legend (1973) ... [Herself]
    Hiroshima 28 (1974) ... Imai Yoshiko
    Girl Friend (1974) ... Meng Ya Ping
    Rhythm of the Wave (1974)    
    Saigon, Taipei, Kaohsiung (1975)    
    The Eternal Obsession (1976) ... Anna Zhang
    Jumping Ash (1976) ... Pui Shan
    Lam Ah Chun (1978) ... Lam Ah-Chun
    Lam Ah Chun Blunders Again (1979) ... Lam Ah-Chun
    The Spooky Bunch (1980) ... Ah Chi
    Plain Jane to the Rescue (1982) ... Jenny Lam Ah Chun
    The Perfect Match (1982) ... Hsiao Chu Chu
    A Friend from Inner Space (1984) ... Mrs Maggie Weng
    The Wrong Couples (1987) ... Wong Mui
    Fist of Fury 1991 (1991) ... Woman outside tournament arena
    Fist of Fury 1991 II (1992) ... Peony / Ngou Chat
    Fong Sai Yuk (1993) ... Miu Chui Fa
    Fong Sai Yuk II (1993) ... Miu Chui Fa
    Always on My Mind (1993) ... Yin
    Summer Snow (1995) ... A Ngo/May
    Hu-Du-Men (1996) ... Lang Kim-Sam
    Mahjong Dragon (1997) ... Sau Din
  Planning (1 film)
    Plain Jane to the Rescue (1982)    
  Writer (2 films)
    Jumping Ash (1976)    
    Lam Ah Chun (1978)    
  One of the "Seven Princesses", a group of bright teen stars in the early 1960s.

Biography (Chinese Screen Queens of the '50s and '60s)

Biography (gstage.com)

Born in 1947 in Shanghai Without a doubt Josephine Siao is one of the greatest HK actresses of the second half of the twentieth century. Her career spanned some five decades and she was always a star, right from the beginning as a child actor through the teenage years into adulthood to her retirement. She appeared in her first film in 1954 (A Child's Tear) and two years later won the Best Child Actor award for her role in Orphan Girl.

In the 1960's alone she starred in over 200 films! She was one of the popular female teenage stars who were termed the "Seven Cantonese Princesses" of the 60's , but she was perhaps the most popular of them all. She appeared in all sorts of films , from romance to drama to comedy to action to fantasy. Some of these titles are Sword of Swords, Hero and the Beauty, Beautiful Queen of Hell, Eternal Love, Romance of a Teenage Girl, Young and Furious, Seven Princesses (which starred all seven of the Cantonese Princesses), I Love a Go-Go, Blood Stains the Iron Fist, The Joys and Sorrows of Youth and Teddy Girls. Trying to find these films today unfortunately seems nearly impossible (with your best bet being to attend the annual Hong Kong International Film Festival).

In 1969 she cut back on her film output to focus on her education (Josephine got a Communications degree from New Jersey's Seton Hall University), then her marriage (to actor Charlie Chin, for only three months) and worked less frequently from then on in films. In the second half of the seventies up to the early eighties she set-up a small production house of her own and made movies, some of them were hugely successful. In 1974 she starred in the noteworthy drama Hiroshima 28 where she played a young Japanese girl who fell victim of the A Bomb fallout. There was also Jumping Ash, a precedent of the police procedual and a precursor of the new-wave movies with it's hand-held camera work, on location shooting and blending of tone: comedy, suspense, action. Siao had only a small part on the screen as the hero-cop "girlfriend", but behind it she co-directed with Po Chi-lin and co-wrote with Phillip Chan. She then created for TV the bumbling plain jane character Lam Ah Shun in 1977, and then brought her character to the big screen the following year (78) in a movie that ranked 7th at the box-office. She made two more film sequels (one of them Plain Jane to the Rescue was directed by John Woo). In between she produced and starred in Ann Hui's early new wave ghost story classic The Spooky Bunch (79). In the 80's she folded up her production company and entered again into marriage and soon motherhood. In 1987 she received the Best Actress award for Wrong Couples, but her true comeback was not until the 90's.

In the early 1990s, she received acclaim from a new generation of movie goers with her appearance in Stephen Chow's Fist of Fury 1991 II and portrayal of Fong Sai Yuk's mother (who at one point pretends to be his brother, Fong Tai Yuk, and goes out to fight to regain the Fong family honor!). In 1995 she received yet other - including one at the Berlin Film Festival - Best Actress awards for Summer Snow. Other official recognition she received for Summer Snow included her being made a Member of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II. In 1996 she played a retiring Cantonese opera star in the terrific Hu-Du-Men. Her last film was the 1997 Mahjong Dragon.

Two of her favorite films are ones that date from earlier in her career: Chor Yuen's Winter Love (1968) and The Window (1968) in which she plays a blind girl. In an interview, she says that this was the first film in which she really felt that she was acting - "In my previous movies, I was like a puppet". In the same interview in HK Film Archives Treasure, Josephine goes on to talk about her shyness "I am not fond of being a star. I am really a shy person and I don't like big occassions. Once I finish a movie, I don't like to socialize. Being a star, even if you don't want to, circumstances will put you out of psychological kilter" She has had increased problems with her hearing in the past few years (Josephine lost all the hearing in her right ear at age two and has become nearly deaf in her left ear since 1990) and has decided to retire for good. Fredric Dannen relates the following about his meeting with Josephine Siao -- who he noted has impeccable English -- in his "Hong Kong Babylon": "At her request, we met in the conference room of a hotel, because, she explained, "my gadgets do not work so well in noisy places." Siao did not seem to miss a word I said, and I thought perhaps she had exaggerated her condition, until Ann Hui [the director of Summer Snow] later told me that Siao often has to lie down after a conversation, because the strain of using her aid left her exhausted. I was all the more amazed at Siao's acting skill -- her deafness is indiscernible in her movies -- and all the more grateful for her interview" (1997:121).

Today she is married (to a senior executive at the Hong Kong Telecom) and has two daughters. Somewhat appropriately, she has become a child psychologist (having got an MA degree in that field some time in the 1990s). She is also very active with children's charities and welfare in Hong Kong. This amazingly versatile woman additionally has taught English on television and written a best-selling book on Western etiquette.

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