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Yuen Siu-Fai  ♂
Born: November 11th, 1945

Filmography (1953-1990)
  Assistant Director (1 film)
    The Gallant Knights (1969)    
  Actor (77 films)
    Honour Thy Father and Mother (1953) ... Shrimpy Ting
    Spring (1953) ... Ko Kok Kwan
    Father and Son (1954) ... Ha Jai / Shrimpy
    Her Difficult Life (1954)    
    Tragedy of Divorce (1954) ... Lam Tai-Chung
    Autumn (1954) ... Ko Kok Kwan
    Orchid of the Valley (1954) ... Chiu Siu-Ming
    Homeless Girl (1954)    
    The Bachelor-Girls (1954)    
    Two Sisters in Phoenix Bower (1954)    
    The Hills Divide Us (1954)    
    Mother (1954)    
    Motherly Love (1954)    
    Young Mother (1954)    
    Wong Fei-Hung's Victory at Fourth Gate (1955)    
    Parents' Hearts (1955) ... Youngest son
    Husband's Belated Return (1955)    
    Family Mottos (1955)    
    Backyard Adventures (1955) ... Opera trainee
    We Owe It to Our Children (1955) ... Ah Niu
    Orphan's Song (1955)    
    Wong Fei-Hung and the Lantern Festival Disturbance (1956) ... Wong's nephew Wong Chi-Fai
    A Hymn to Mother (1956) ... Young Nim-Cho
    Romance at the Western Chamber (1956)    
    A Peaceful Family Will Prosper (1956) ... Young Siu-Wan
    Oriole's Song (1956) ... Ka-Bo
    How Wong Fei-Hung Fought Five Dragons Single-handedly (1956) ... Sai-Ngau
    Green Hills and Jade Valleys (1956) ... Tzu-Chiang, young
    Nazha's Adventures in the Heavenly Palace (1957)    
    Nazha's Adventures in the East Sea (1957)    
    Love and Crime (1957)    
    The Immortal Romance of the Red Leaf (1957)    
    The Beauty's Grave (1957)    
    Lest We Forget (1958)    
    Poisonous Roses (1958)    
    Watching Home Town (1958)    
    How Scarlet Boy Rescued His Mother from the Dragon King's Palace (1959) ... Red Kid
    How Princess Iron Fan Burnt Down the Heavenly Gate (1959) ... Red Kid, son
    Breaking the Coffin to Rescue Mother (1959)    
    Stone Prince Takes the Throne (Final Part to White-Haired Madam Su) (1959)    
    The White Lady's Reincarnation (1959)    
    King Kong's Adventures in the Heavely Palace (1959)    
    48 Hours in Escape (1959)    
    Fete of the White Hare (1959)    
    The Twins (1960)    
    How Na Zha Rescued His Mother from the Snake Mountain (1960) ... Na Zha
    The Prince of the Sea-god (1960)    
    Torrents of Spring (1960)    
    Magistrate on Trial (1960) ... Mak Siu-Ming
    The Heir (1960)    
    Two Sisters and the Stepmother (1960)    
    Murder Case in Chinatown (1961) ... Classmate Yuen Siu-Fai
    Giving Birth on the Bridge (1962)    
    Kinship Is the Strongest Bond (1962)    
    Spring Comes to the Palace (1962)    
    Tragedy on the Love Bridge (1962)    
    The Snowflake Sword (Grand Finale) (1964)    
    The Snowflake Sword (Part 3) (1964)    
    The Snowflake Sword (Part 2) (1964)    
    The Snowflake Sword (Part 1) (1964)    
    Seven Fights with Nine Tail Fox (1964) ... Monkey King Su Wu Kong
    Monkey Saint Raids the Monastery (1965) ... Wayward student
    Monkey Saint Versus Eight Fairies (1965) ... Monkey King, Sun Wu-Kong
    Monkey Saint Teases the Fairy of Flowers (1965) ... Monkey King
    Monkey King and the Imps (1966) ... Monkey King
    Eight Dieties (1966)    
    Prince of Broadcasters (1966) ... Altar boy
    Night of the Opera Stars (1966)    
    The Seven Swords and the Thirteen Heroes (1967)    
    Chivalrous Killer (1968)    
    The Sainted Sword (1969) ... Pak Shui-Bu
    Supreme Sword (1969) ... Fong Tien-Biu
    The Gallant Knights (1969) ... Chang Ping
    Fairy of King Fa (1970)    
    The Chase (1977)    
    Disco Bumpkins (1980) ... Mr. Li
    The Legend of Lee Heung Kwan (1990)    
  In 1953, Yuen signed with Evergreen Motion Picture Company as an actor when the company started. He also appeared in films produced by the Union Film Enterprise Limited, launching his career as a child actor in both Cantonese and Mandarin films.

Yuen became a disciple of the renowned opera star Mak Bing-wing after reaching his teenage years.

He was also a student of martial artist and actor Yuen Siu-tien, and he had a physique that made him suitable for roles in both wuxia and fantasy films. As a master of the Nanying singing style, Yuen has performed with many of Hong Kong's most renowned Cantonese opera troupes, and has even taken part in scriptwriting. In 1971, Yuen established the Group of Hong Kong Experimental Cantonese Opera to further the development of the opera art form in Hong Kong, and soon after he joined a television network as a contract actor.

He received the Hong Kong Artist of the Year award in 1991, the Badge of Honour in 1992 and the Award for Arts Achievement in 2003. In recent years, Yuen has dedicated himself to promoting Cantonese opera to future generations.

At the age of 14, Yuen had already been skilfully trained in Cantonese opera and martial arts. In the fantasy adventure "The Twins", he co-starred with his real-life master Mak Bing-wing and Connie Chan, who played his twin brother. The two show off eagerly in their fight scenes, adding an extra degree of enthusiasm to their performances.

In "Fairies and a Monkey", Yuen, Chan and Siao were the iron triangle working together in the Monkey King series. When the Monkey King, played by Yuen, finds out that his master and brothers-in-arms are in trouble, he fights with an evil spirit to rescue them. The film is a rare colour example of Yuen's work in film in the 1960s.

Yuen had a career breakthrough when he took on strong dramatic roles for the first time in the television drama "Below the Lion Rock". He plays a pickpocket with a heart of gold in "Pawn", a junkie who often roams a cemetery in "Wild Child", and a Cantonese opera veteran in "Revisiting the Shum's Garden". In the romantic "The Legend of Lee Heung Kwan", Yuen has a pivotal role as someone who brings courtesan Lee Heung-kwan and revolutionary warrior-scholar Hou Chiu-chong together. (press release)