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Chan Chiu-Pang
Aliases:  Chang Chia-Liang,  Chen Chiao-Peng
Filmography (1983-1993)
  Production Manager (11 films)
    Butcher (1984)    
    The Incredible Kids (1986)    
    Yan Zhi Nu Sha Sho (1988)    
    Xi Yi Feng Bo (1988)    
    Yuan Ai (1989)    
    Little Chivalry (1989)    
    The Dignified Killers (1991)    
    Gun n' Rose (1992)    
    Raiders of Loesing Treasure (1992)    
    Ladies in Operations (1993)    
    Super Normal II (1993)    
  Actor (3 films)
    The Village Brother (1983)    
    The Biography of a Fox (1989)    
    The Devil Woman of Tang Dynasty (1993)