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Wan Chi-Chung
Aliases:  Wan Tsi-Chung

Filmography (1935-1961)
  Actor (3 films)
    A Blooming Rose (1935)    
    Bitter Sweet (1936)    
    Wealth Is Like a Dream (1948) ... Conductor
  Composer (31 films)
    Burning of the Efang Palace (1935)    
    Bitter Sweet (1936)    
    Lady, Be Mine (1937)    
    Romance of the Pearl River (1937)    
    The Glowing Pearl (1937)    
    The Valiant General (1940)    
    The Goddess Helps the Bridge Builder (1940)    
    Why Not Return? (Part 2) (1947)    
    Paying Nocturnal Mourning to White Lotus (1952)    
    Everyone's Darling (1952)    
    Her Perilous Adventures (1952)    
    Happy Marriage (1953)    
    A Bachelor's Love Affair (1953)    
    Swallows' Return (1953)    
    Grand View Garden (1954)    
    Madam Butterfly (1954)    
    Our Marriage through the Depression (1954)    
    The Green Jade Hairpin (1956)    
    Bloodshed in the Chu Palace (1956)    
    How Liang Hongyu's War Drum Caused the Jin Army to Retreat (1956)    
    How Fangtangjing Made a Fool of the Unruly Girl (1956)    
    Fatty Marries Skinny (1956)    
    Mourn for the Storm-Beaten Flower (1956)    
    The Fool's Honeymoon (1957)    
    Dragon and Phoenix Revelry (1958)    
    Funny Misunderstanding (1959)    
    A Fool in the Army (1959)    
    My Good Nephew (1959)    
    Another Three Years of Waiting (1959)    
    Two Fools Capture the Criminal (1959)    
    Finally We Meet Again (1961)