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Siu San-Kuen  ♂
Born: 1904 - Died: March 22nd, 1966

Filmography (1952-1965)
  Actor (154 films)
    The Beauty Plot (Beauty to Country) (1952)    
    Palace Efang on Fire (1952)    
    How Huang Feihong Redeemed Haitong Monastery (Part 2) (1953)    
    How Huang Feihong Redeemed Haitong Monastery (Part 1) (1953)    
    The Beautiful Girl of Yao Mountian (1953)    
    The God's Story (1953)    
    Chen Shimei, the Unfaithful Husband and Qin Xianglian (1955) ... Hon Kei
    Story of Hong Mei (1955)    
    Shilin Offers Sacrifice to the Leifeng Pagoda (1955)    
    Racoon for a Prince (1955)    
    Lady Red-Broom Elopes (1955)    
    Love in a Dangerous City (1955)    
    How Ng Hei Slew His Wife to Prove His Allegiance to a General (1955)    
    Bad-luck for the Fishmonger at Tortoise Hill (1955)    
    Story of Iron Monkey, The Concluding Episode (1955)    
    The Brave Eight (1955)    
    Spanking the Princess (1955)    
    The Story of Lun Wenxu and Li Chunhua (1955)    
    Spring Comes Back (1956)    
    Meeting a Fairy While Slaying the Dragon (1956)    
    The Scatterbrain (1956) ... Fung's uncle
    How Mu Guiying Captured and Released Yang Zongbao 3 Times (1956)    
    Romance at the Western Chamber (1956)    
    The Precious Lotus Lamp (1956) ... The god of three eyes
    The King and the Beauty (1956)    
    The Princess Is Kidnapped (1956)    
    Two Difficult People at War (1956)    
    Wang Zhaojun's Lute Song Touches the Emperor of Han (1956)    
    The Smart Girl (1956)    
    The Boat Girl Sues the King (1956)    
    A Nagging Wife Meets Her Fierce Mother-in-Law (1956)    
    The Dunce Gets a Son (1957) ... Mau's father-in-law
    Pearl's Reconciliation (1957)    
    The War Between Chu and Han (1957)    
    The Seven Humiliations of Su Qin (1957)    
    The Crab Beauty (Part 1) (1957)    
    The Crab Beauty (Part 2) (1957)    
    How Old Master Jiang Crossed the River (1957)    
    The Eight Immortals in Jiangnan (1957)    
    Fifteen Strings of Coins (1957)    
    The Precious Lotus Lamp (The Sequel) (1957)    
    How Di Qing Seized the Pearl Flag (1957)    
    The Goddess of Heaven (1957)    
    The Story of Liang Tianlai (1957)    
    The Successful Scholar (1957) ... Wong Kau-Hung
    The Headless Queen Rescues the Prince (The Headless Queen Bears a Son: Part 3) (1957)    
    Ah Lan Marries Ah Shui (1957)    
    Hua Mulan, the Girl Who Went to War (1957) ... Marshall He
    Tan Kei in the Meat Hill (1958)    
    Ne Zha Is His Mother's Escort (Part 2) (1958)    
    Ne Zha Is His Mother's Escort (Part 1) (1958)    
    Princess Jade Lotus (1958) ... Zan Hoi Wong/Chan Hoi King
    Dragon and Phoenix Revelry (1958)    
    Liu Yi Sends His Letters (1958) ... Money Pond Prince/Chin Tong Gwan, uncle
    A Filial Son Meets a Fairy (1958)    
    Lest We Forget (1958)    
    The Merry Phoenix (1958)    
    Prince of Thieves (1958)    
    The Precious Lotus Lamp (Part 3) (1958)    
    The Scarlet Mark (1958)    
    In the Snowy Mountain (1958)    
    A Patriot's Sword (1958)    
    The Story of Liu Jinding (1958)    
    Spring Breeze Brings Back the Returned Swallow (1958)    
    Beauty Fades from Twelve Ladies' Bower (1958)    
    The Three Trials of the Scholar's Wife (1958)    
    Sanchun Tries Her Father in Court (1958)    
    How Scarlet Boy Rescued His Mother from the Dragon King's Palace (1959) ... Pigsy
    Swallow the Poison with a Smile (1959)    
    Gold-braided Fan (1959)    
    Madam Kam, Part One (1959)    
    Fan of Fragrant Wood (1959)    
    How Princess Iron Fan Burnt Down the Heavenly Gate (1959) ... Pigsy
    How Madam Zhao Went Far and Wide in Search of Her Husband (1959)    
    The Whims of the Heart (1959)    
    Three Attempts to Steal the Cup of the Nine Dragons (1959)    
    Scholar's Ghost-Wife (Part 1) (1959)    
    Scholar's Ghost-Wife (Part 2) (1959)    
    Lady Xue Yan (1959)    
    The Five Sons Crying at the Tomb (1960)    
    The Dream Comes True (1960)    
    Poetic Genius (1960)    
    Escape from Banishment (1960)    
    Wong Tin-Bar (Part 2) (1960)    
    Riot in the Temple (Part 1) (1960)    
    The Poor Child (1960)    
    Filial Piety (1960)    
    The Colourful Phoenix Lamp (1960)    
    Patriotic Heroine (1960)    
    Search in a Wintry Night (1960)    
    Three Battles to Secure Peace for Nation (1961)    
    Beauty (1961) ... Silver Lion Prince
    Beggar King Saves the Prince (1961)    
    Witness for the Prosecution (1961)    
    Dreams for the Past Events (1961)    
    Feminine General 'Far Mok Lan' (1961)    
    Misunderstanding Disturbance (1961)    
    Third Master Sha and His Charming Maid (1961)    
    Miu Tribe (1961)    
    The Palace of the August Moon (1961)    
    Public Spirited Lovers (Part 1) (1961) ... Chong Tun
    Sorrowful Soul Pagoda (1961)    
    Tian Shan Gibbon Girl (1961)    
    Seven Phoenixes (1961)    
    Two Heroes (1961)    
    The Valiant Prince (1961)    
    Two Swords and a Pearl (1961)    
    Return from Battle for His Love (1961)    
    Flowers Forever Blossoming, Moon Forever Full (1962)    
    8 Roaming Heroines (Part 2) (1962)    
    The Heroic Battle (1962)    
    8 Roaming Heroines (Part 1) (1962)    
    Pledge of the Twin Blades (Part 1) (1962)    
    Pledge of the Twin Blades (Part 2) (1962)    
    Rendezvous at Baidi City (1962)    
    The Monkey King Stormed the Sea Palace (1962) ... Pigsy
    The Combat between the Fire Dragon and the Two Generals (1962)    
    Awaiting the Husband to Return on a Pavilion (1962)    
    The Heroes and the Beauty (1962)    
    Romance of the Phoenix Chamber (1962)    
    The Thunderous Night (1962)    
    How Di Qing and the 5 Tigers Conquered the West (1962)    
    Public Spirited Lovers (Part 2) (1962)    
    Dark Prison Orphan (1962)    
    The Birth of Nazha (1962)    
    Walk a Thousand Miles to Escort the Princess (1962)    
    Ghost Hero (1962)    
    Tragedy on the Love Bridge (1962)    
    The Unruly Commander-in-chief and the Blunt General (1962)    
    The Heroine Teases Jin Long, the Hero (1962)    
    An Act of Righteousness (Part 1) (1962)    
    Awaiting Mother to Return on the Beach (1962)    
    A Smile for a Kingdom (1962)    
    Lousy Womaniser (1963)    
    Blessings from Heaven (1963)    
    Poor Lady Ping (1963)    
    Determination (1963)    
    Joy to the World (1963)    
    The Shrewd Wife (1963)    
    The Super Hero Plunders the Palace (1963) ... Empress's father
    The Golden Gourd (1963)    
    The Jade Ring and the Powerful Monster (1963)    
    Sad Autumn (1964)    
    Romantic Musketeer (1964)    
    Mysterious Murder (1964)    
    Beautiful Heaven (1964)    
    The Snowflake Sword (Part 3) (1964)    
    The Snowflake Sword (Grand Finale) (1964)    
    The Five Rats' Adventures in the Eastern Capital (1964) ... Kung Pau
    The Empire and the Beauty (1964)    
    Story of the Sword and the Sabre (Part 4) (1965)    
    Story of the Sword and the Sabre (Part 3) (1965)    
    The Vulture and the Heroine (1965)    
    The Ambitious Prince (1965)