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Wong Yau-Ling (1)
Aliases:  Wong Yau-Leung,  Wong Yau-Ning,  Wang Yau-Ning
Filmography (1993-2015)
  Sound Designer (1 film)
    Sound from the Dark (2000)    
  Sound Recordist (4 films)
    Bodyguard for the Dead (1999)    
    The Evil of a Woman Heart (1999)    
    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Kung Fu World!!! (2000)    
    Haunted Office (2002)    
  Composer (3 films)
    The 13 Cold-Blooded Eagles (1993)    
    G. Y. Sir (1997)    
    Chinese Horror Story (2015)    
  Re-recording Mixer (3 films)
    Mysterious Story I: Please Come Back (1999)    
    To Where He Belongs (2000)    
    Death Zone (2012)