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Wang Nan-Chen
Aliases:  Wang Nan-Shen,  Wong Nam-Sam,  Wong Nam-Sum
Filmography (1970-1982)
  Producer (12 films)
    The Toughest Guy (1970)    
    Unsung Heroes of the Wilderness (1971)    
    The End of the Black (1973)    
    Love in Chilly Spring (1979)    
    Free or Die (1980)    
    The Crooked Profligates (1980)    
    The Funniest Movie (1980)    
    The Professional Killer (1981)    
    The King of Gambler (1981)    
    The Hades Banquet (1982)    
    The Alliance of Hung Sect (1982)    
    The Stunning Gambling (1982)    
  Actor (1 film)
    Heart with a Million Knots (1973) ... Chaffeur Old Chao
  Planning (1 film)
    Conspiracy of Thieves (1975)    
  Presenter (1 film)
    Dirty Angel (1982)