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Chan Yik-Ching
Aliases:  Chen Yi-Qing,  Chen Yiqing,  Y. C. Chen
Filmography (1935-1966)
  Assistant Director (1 film)
    Her Secret Past (1952)    
  Director (55 films)
    Ming Mo Yi Hen (1939)    
    Mei Ren Guan (1943)    
    Missing Document (1948)    
    A Woman as Sharp as a Blade (1951)    
    A Moment of Bliss (1952)    
    Three Daughters (1952)    
    The Closer the Better (1952)    
    Gone to the Dogs (1952)    
    The Return of Spring (1954)    
    Burning Passion (1956)    
    The Sisters-in-Law Tower in Quanzhou (1956)    
    Love's Elegy (1956)    
    In-Law Struck Dead by a Thunderbolt (1957)    
    Peach Blossom Village (1957)    
    Su Qin (1957)    
    The Ungrateful Bai Lixi (1957)    
    The Mysterious Case of Qing Zhu Si (1957)    
    The Sentimental Girl (1958)    
    Slipping off the Right Track (1958)    
    The Story of the Drums (1958)    
    A Mother's Heart (1958)    
    Honeymoon Hiccups (1958)    
    Chen Xingyuan Misses the Hairpin (1958)    
    The Unpredictable Girl's Heart (1958)    
    Over Shoes Over Boots (1958)    
    The Love Between a Human and a Ghost (1958)    
    Peach Blossom Crossing (1958)    
    Tragedy on the Blue Bridge (1958)    
    The Eternal Love (1958)    
    A Woman Searches For Her Husband (1958)    
    Zai Jia Xin Niang (1958)    
    Crimes of Passion (1959)    
    Idle Talk of a Broken Fellow (1959)    
    Yi Chun Leaves Behind an Umbrella (1959)    
    Queen of Folk Songs (1959)    
    I Want to Marry an Overseas Chinese (1959)    
    I Love Young Men (1959)    
    Emergency Wedding (1959)    
    Phony Couple (1959)    
    The Frivolous Professor (1959)    
    The Jealous Wife (1959)    
    Stolen Banknotes (1959)    
    Mr. Wang's Visit to His Relatives in Hong Kong (1959)    
    Pan Jin Lian (1959)    
    Love of Malaya (1959)    
    White Fan Mark (1960)    
    The Innocent (1960)    
    Money in My Heart (1960)    
    Love Is Fate (1960)    
    Unchanged Hearts (1961)    
    No Thing But Money (1962)    
    The Bridgeroom is a Girl (1963)    
    A Beauty Named Yu Mei Niang (1964)    
    Opera Grand Scenic (1964)    
    Justice and Revenge (1966)    
  Editor (3 films)
    Song at Midnight (1935)    
    New Peach Blossom Fan (1935)    
    Mulan Joins the Army (1939)    
  Writer (6 films)
    Mei Ren Guan (1943)    
    A Woman as Sharp as a Blade (1951)    
    The Sisters-in-Law Tower in Quanzhou (1956)    
    Peach Blossom Village (1957)    
    A Mother's Heart (1958)    
    Idle Talk of a Broken Fellow (1959)