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Hong Shen  ♂
Aliases:  Hung Sam
Born: December 31st, 1894 - Died: August 29th, 1955

Filmography (1927-1949)
  Director (4 films)
    A Bachelor Secretary (1927)    
    The Young Mistress' Fan (1928)    
    Love Story on Classmates (1928)    
    The Weak, Your Name Is Woman (1948)    
  Actor (1 film)
    A Bachelor Secretary (1927)    
  Writer (15 films)
    The Young Mistress' Fan (1928)    
    Love Story on Classmates (1928)    
    A Beauty of Perfumed Grass (1933)    
    A Bible for Girls (1934)    
    Businessmen in a War (1935)    
    Down-Trodden Peach Blossom (1935)    
    New and Old on the Beach (1936)    
    Rights of Women (1936)    
    Gold-Plated City (1937)    
    Dream Universe (1937)    
    New Year's Coin (1937)    
    Flower of Society (1937)    
    Four Daughters (1937)    
    The Dawning (1948)    
    The Ways of Three Sisters (1949)    
  Born in Jiangsu Province, graduated in 1916 in the Qinghua University, and later moved to Harvard University to learn Literature. In 1922 went back to work as teacher, but very soon he begins to pay attention to motion pictures and in 1924 he wrote his first film script. This was the beginning of his prolific career as writer, and later director. Hong also wrote several books about the filmaking. He died in 1955.