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Wong Kam-Oi  ♀
Aliases:  Wang Jin-Ai

Filmography (1947-1962)
  Actor (15 films)
    White Powder and Neon Lights (1947)    
    Show off Your Beauty (1948)    
    The Oil Vendor Wins a Pretty Bride (1950)    
    Daughter of a Humble House (1952)    
    Between Her Own and the Concubine's Children (1952)    
    Amorous Happenings in the Splendid Hall (1952)    
    A Ton of Gold (1952)    
    Rich and Happy (1953)    
    A Ton of Gold (1954)    
    Chen Shimei, the Unfaithful Husband and Qin Xianglian (1955)    
    How Ng Hei Slew His Wife to Prove His Allegiance to a General (1955)    
    An Immortal Refuses Love (1958)    
    The Adventure of a Stage-fan (1962) ... Pak Yim-Fong
    Hunting for the Murderer (1962) ... Lee Bik-Sin, But's wife
    The Jade Hairpin (1962)