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Tang Pik-Wan  ♀
Aliases:  Tang Bik-Wan,  Tang Big-Wan,  Tang Bik-Wun,  Deng Shao-Fu
Born: January 1st, 1926 - Died: March 25th, 1991

Filmography (1950-1990)
  Producer (6 films)
    Two Generals in Contention for a Wife (1962)    
    The Gambler Who Pawns His Wife (1964)    
    The Funny Girl Joins the Army (1965)    
    A Wife's Diary (1965)    
    Furious Phoenix and the Mad Dragon (1965)    
    Funny Girl Captures a Thief (1966)    
  Actor (284 films)
    The Gardener's Daughter (1950) ... To Sheung-Yuet
    Ciyun's Farewell in Storm and Fire (Part 2) (1950)    
    Ciyun's Farewell in Storm and Fire (Part 1) (1950)    
    Liang Shanbo's Second Meeting with Zhu Yingtai (1952)    
    A Ton of Gold (1952)    
    Leifong Pagoda (1952)    
    Under the Moon, by the Huai River, We Meet Again (1953)    
    Honour Your Foster-Mother (1953)    
    Street-Walker (1953)    
    Sad Wedding (1953)    
    The Unmanly Man (1953)    
    All Acquaintances Are Single (1953)    
    The Mad Monk by the Sea (1953)    
    Fortune Shines Down (1953)    
    The Ill-fated Woman (1953)    
    Paying Nocturnal Sacrifice to Kam-Kiu (1954)    
    Love's Sad Ending (1954)    
    White Gold Dragon (1954)    
    The Phoenix's Escape (1954)    
    Paying Nocturnal Sacrifice to Qiuxi (1954)    
    Alms for the Scholar (1954)    
    Two Sisters in Phoenix Bower (1954)    
    Keep Praying to Buddha, but No More Tears (1954)    
    The Tragedy of the Double Marriage (1954)    
    Our Marriage Through the Depression (1954) ... Oi-Lin
    The Male Impersonator (1954)    
    This Merry Life (1954)    
    When Beauty Fades from the Twelve Ladies' Bower (1954)    
    The Voyage of the Dead (1954) ... Fa Fung-Sin
    A Ton of Gold (1954)    
    A Phoenix in Springtime (1954)    
    Spring's Abundance (1954)    
    The Phantom of the Opera Boat (1954)    
    Lady Red Leaf (1954)    
    A Broken Dream (1955)    
    A Male Widow? (1955)    
    The Sad Tale of the Golden-leaf Chrysanthemum (1955)    
    Racoon for a Prince (1955)    
    How the Sedan-carrier Raised the Bride (1955)    
    The Story of Lun Wenxu and Li Chunhua (1955)    
    Husband's Belated Return (1955)    
    Blizzards in June (1955)    
    Orphan's Song (1955)    
    The Golden-Thread Butterfly (1955)    
    Splitting the Magic Herb (1955)    
    Heaven-Sent Millionaire (1955)    
    How Fifth Madam Chiu Went a Thousand Miles in Search of Her Husband (1955)    
    Difficulties of Being a Daughter-in-Law (1955)    
    The Sly Woman (1955)    
    A Mad Woman Goes Hunting for Her Son (1955)    
    Moving House (1955)    
    Intimate Love (1955)    
    The Oil Vendor and His Pretty Bride (1955)    
    The Three Tests of Yu Tangchun (1955)    
    On the Hill of the Waiting Wife She Awaits Her Husband's Return (1955)    
    Silk Factory Girl (1955)    
    The Story of Zhong Wuyan (1955) ... Chung Mo-Yim
    General Kwan Seduced by Diaochan Under Moonlight (1956) ... Diao Chan / Due Sim
    Chang E's Flight to the Moon (1956)    
    Peach Blossom Girl's Magic Duel (1956)    
    Gao Junbao, a Spy in the Fort (1956)    
    Two Difficult People at War (1956)    
    How Fangtangjing Made a Fool of the Unruly Girl (1956)    
    Bows and Arrows (1956)    
    The Eighth Miss Yang Advertises for a Husband (1956)    
    I'm in Love with an Unfaithful Man (1956)    
    The Strange Adventures of a Strange Man (1956)    
    The Sanmen Street Brawl (1956)    
    Nocturnal Dreams of Love (1956)    
    The Shrew (1956) ... Mother/Daughter [2 roles]
    A Silly Girl Grabs the Bridegroom (1956)    
    The Ghost Hero (1956)    
    How Mu Guiying Captured and Released Yang Zongbao 3 Times (1956)    
    The Mad Woman's Hunt for Her Idiot Daughter (1956)    
    The Idiotic Couple (1956)    
    Gui Zhi Sues (1956) ... Lee Kwai-Chi / Li Gui-Zhi
    Wang Zhaojun's Lute Song Touches the Emperor of Han (1956)    
    Lui Bo Captures Diu Sim (1956)    
    A Brave Girl Avenges Her Husband's Death (1956)    
    Homeward Flies the Swallow (1956)    
    How Xue Dingshan Thrice Angered Fan Lihua (1956)    
    Emperor Qianlong's Adventures in the Bower of a Million Flowers (1956)    
    The Boat Girl Sues the King (1956)    
    The Clumsy Hero (1956)    
    A Suitor for the King's Sister (1956)    
    The Unsuitable Brother-in-Law (1956)    
    I Married the Wrong Husband, I Bore the Wrong Son (1956)    
    A Country Bumpking Looks for His Son (1956)    
    The Thrice Delayed Wedding (1956) ... Kam Lai-Wah
    The Green Jade Hairpin (1956)    
    The 3 Best Scholars (1956)    
    The Kunlun Girl Steals the Red Scarf by Night (1956)    
    A Nagging Wife Meets Her Fierce Mother-in-Law (1956)    
    A Fierce Debator (1956) ... Mei
    The Fake Marriage (1956)    
    The Smart Girl (1956)    
    The Goddess Who Came to Prince Xiang (1957)    
    She's So Neat (1957) ... Choi Choi-Fung
    The Story of Sit Ping-Kwai and Wong Bo-Chuen (1957)    
    Beauty's Head Is Misplaced (1957) ... Yuk-Shan
    Princess Miaoshan (1957) ... Princess Miu Sin
    Wong Fei-Hung's Rebellion, Part 1 (1957) ... Madam Ka
    Hold-up on the Road to Hell (1957)    
    The Hidden Dagger (1957)    
    The Successful Scholar (1957) ... Chow Yu-Chu
    The Fool's Honeymoon (1957) ... Chow Wei-Chu
    Ah Lan Marries Ah Shui (1957) ... Ding Ah Lan
    A Succession of Fearful Wives (1957)    
    How Prince Xinling Stole the General's Seal to Save the State of Zhao (1957)    
    Hua Mulan, the Girl Who Went to War (1957) ... Hua Mu-Lan
    Wang the Bully Seizes the Bride (1957) ... Sau-Ying
    The Feud Between Mr. Easy-Does-It and the Fierce Wife (1957)    
    The War Between Chu and Han (1957)    
    How Miss Thirteenth Raided Nengren Monastery (1957)    
    Eight Dames Tease the Scholar (1957)    
    Lui Bei Crosses the River to Meet His Bride (1957)    
    Wong Fei-Hung's Three Battles with the Unruly Girl (1957) ... Unruly girl
    The Seven Humiliations of Su Qin (1957)    
    Happy Reunion (1957)    
    Prosperity Knocks (1957)    
    How Di Qing Seized the Pearl Flag (1957)    
    The Yingyang Fan (1957)    
    The Saucy Girl's Sudden Rise to Power (1957)    
    How Mu Guiying and Yang Zongbao Defeated the Heavenly Gate Militia (1957)    
    Fifteen Strings of Coins (1957)    
    The Story of Liang Tianlai (1957)    
    How Shui Bing-Sum Thrice Played Tricks on Koi Kei-Cho (1958)    
    Su Xiaomei Thrice Tricks the Groom (1958)    
    The Story of Pan An (1958)    
    The Mad Monk by the Sea (1958)    
    Let the Scholar Eat Like a Dog (1958)    
    Giving a Son Away in Order to Serve the Mother-in-law (1958)    
    An Immortal Refuses Love (1958)    
    The Petal-Spraying Fairy (1958) ... Kong Bik-Leung
    The Rouge Well (1958)    
    Sisters-in-laws' Tombs beside Luoyang Bridge (1958)    
    The Lovers on the Milky Way (1958)    
    The Lucky Star of the Golden Palace (1958)    
    Fortune at the Door (1958)    
    Dragon and Phoenix Revelry (1958)    
    Lest We Forget (1958)    
    Wong Fei-Hung's Rebellion (sequel) (1958)    
    Searching for the Husband's Corpse Under the Sea (1958)    
    Fan of Fragrant Wood (1959)    
    Stone Prince Takes the Throne (Final Part to White-Haired Madam Su) (1959)    
    White-Haired Madam Su Is Pregnant (1959)    
    Mr. Wong Advertises for a Wife (1959)    
    The Fairy Third Sister's Trip to the World of Men (1959)    
    Madam Kam, Part Two (1959)    
    Madam Kam, Part One (1959)    
    The Spendthrift Son in the Underworld (1959) ... Yu Yeuk-Lan
    The Peach Blossom Fairy's Second Visit to the World of Men (1959)    
    Another Three Years of Waiting (1959)    
    Lady Xue Yan (1959) ... Xue Yan-Niang
    How Wen Tianxiang Thrice Tricked Grand Sire Wen (1959)    
    A Sad Wedding Night (1959)    
    How Princess Iron Fan Burnt Down the Heavenly Gate (1959) ... Princess Iron Fan
    How Scarlet Boy Rescued His Mother from the Dragon King's Palace (1959) ... Princess Iron Fan
    Three Attempts to Steal the Cup of the Nine Dragons (1959)    
    The Filial Wife Moved the Mother-in-Law (1959)    
    The Swallow's Message (1959)    
    Mr. Wong's Adventures with the Unruly Girl (1959) ... Hui Chi-Lan
    Lun Wenxu and Liu Xianhai (1959)    
    Till Death Us Do Part (Part 2) (1959) ... Tin Leung Yuk
    Till Death Us Do Part (Part 1) (1959) ... Tin Leung Yuk
    The Affairs of Miss Ping (Part 1) (1960)    
    The Best Filial Piety (1960)    
    Grievance of a Virtuous Lady (1960) ... Kong Suet-Ching
    Wong Tin-Bar (Part 2) (1960)    
    Wong Tin-Bar (Part 1) (1960)    
    When the Swallows Return (1960)    
    Two Honourable Sisters (1960) ... Golden Snake Princess
    Story of a Sing Song Girl (1960) ... Wai Fa-Sau
    The Three Loving Swords (1960)    
    The White-snake Girl (Part 2) (1960)    
    The White-snake Girl (Part 1) (1960)    
    Awaiting the Return of a Prodigal at the Pavilion (Part 2) (1960)    
    Awaiting the Return of a Prodigal at the Pavilion (Part 1) (1960)    
    Two Filial Daughters in Search of Their Parents (1960)    
    Spring Lamps Festival (1960)    
    A-Dou in the Army (1960)    
    Daughter of a Gardener (1960)    
    Mother's Tears (1960)    
    Two Sisters and the Stepmother (1960)    
    The Story of Lady Big Tao (1960) ... Chui Bik-Tou / Chui Bik-Hung
    Lady Racketeer (1960)    
    The Love Quadrangle (1960)    
    Sisters of Different Mother (1960)    
    The Prince of the Sea-god (1960)    
    The Colourful Phoenix Lamp (1960)    
    Fortune (1960)    
    Poetic Genius (1960)    
    The Twins (1960)    
    The Heir (1960)    
    Search in a Wintry Night (1960)    
    Sorrowful Soul Pagoda (1961)    
    Crime of Passion (1961)    
    A Murder Case (1961)    
    Mrs. Kum (1961) ... Kam's sister-in-law
    Rickshaw Puller and Orphan (1961) ... Chan Tsui-Fung
    The Affairs of Miss Ping (Part 2) (1961)    
    Secret Book (Part 2) (1961) ... Pak Wan-Fei
    Secret Book (Part 1) (1961) ... Pak Wan-Fei
    Twin Swords of Retribution (1961)    
    Unexpected Reunion (1961)    
    Love with Tears (1961) ... Ching Yim-Ha, Lam Po-Kwan
    Romantic Night of Hong Kong (1961)    
    Two Heroes (1961)    
    Two Swords and a Pearl (1961)    
    The Quick-witted Woman Detective (1962)    
    8 Roaming Heroines (Part 2) (1962)    
    The Hero and the Concubine (1962)    
    8 Roaming Heroines (Part 1) (1962)    
    The Birth of Yue Fei (1962)    
    Awaiting Mother to Return on the Beach (1962)    
    Meeting My Darling Wife in the Crypt (1962)    
    Secret Book (Part 3) (1962) ... Pak Wan-Fei
    Walk a Thousand Miles to Escort the Princess (1962)    
    Two Generals in Contention for a Wife (1962)    
    Leung Doi Jan Yuen (1963)    
    Crying Over Chau Hei (1963)    
    Magic Sword (Part 1) (1963)    
    Crying Over Chau Hei (1963)    
    Sword and Pen (1963)    
    Hire a Wife (1963)    
    Three Heroines (Part 2) (1963)    
    Three Heroines (Part 1) (1963)    
    Story of Lee Sin (1963) ... Cheng Yuen-Wo
    The Modern Matchmaker (1963)    
    Meeting Mother in the Land of Death (1963)    
    The Killing Flag (Part 2) (1963) ... Third Madam Poon
    The Killing Flag (Part 1) (1963) ... Pan San Niang
    Trouble in the Palace (1963)    
    The Fake Lover (1963)    
    The Monkey Soldiers Come to the Rescue (1963)    
    A Fair Lifemate (1963) ... Tsui Ying-Kit
    The Intelligent Mandarin (1963)    
    The King of Swords (1963) ... Princess Golden Locks
    Magic Sword (Part 2) (1963)    
    The Gambler Who Pawns His Wife (1964)    
    The Hero's Tears (1964)    
    Four Crazy Heroes (Part 1) (1964)    
    She's a Musketeer (Part 2) (1964)    
    She's a Musketeer (Part 1) (1964)    
    Four Crazy Heroes (Part 2) (1964)    
    Four Crazy Heroes (Part 1) (1964)    
    An Anxious Bride (1964)    
    Pigeon Cage (1964)    
    The Witty Sister (1964)    
    The Club of Magic Flame (1964) ... Lam Hoi-Suet
    The Magic Crane and the Golden Eagle (1964)    
    The Maid Who Sells Dumplings (1965)    
    The Blood-Stained Butterly Mountain (1965) ... Cheung Yuk-yu
    A Wife's Diary (1965) ... Sit Bing-Sum
    Two Mouthy Ladies from the North and South (1965)    
    Tears of a Plum Blossom (1965)    
    Country Girl Goes to Town (1965)    
    The Three Sisters (Part 2) (1965)    
    The Three Sisters (Part 1) (1965)    
    My Many Sons and Grandsons (1965)    
    Furious Phoenix and the Mad Dragon (1965)    
    The Immature Bunch (1965)    
    The Funny Girl Joins the Army (1965) ... Ng Yuk-Lan
    Bitter Fear (1966) ... Mother
    The Book, the Sword and the Spirit (1966)    
    701, the Blundering Woman Detective (1966) ... 701
    Who Is More Beautiful? (1966)    
    Back-up Bride (1966)    
    Funny Girl Captures a Thief (1966)    
    Treasure of Diamonds (1966) ... Wong Yuk-Yin
    Selling, Pawning and Borrowing (1967) ... Ng Tak-Han
    The Long Journey Home (1967) ... Lo Chiu Nam
    Teddy Boy in the Gutter (1967)    
    The Plot (1967)    
    Esprit D'amour (1983) ... Ming's mother
    Mummy Dearest (1985) ... Alan's mother
    Sister Cupid (1987) ... Yuk's mother
    Jokers Playing Games (1987)    
    Who Is the Craftiest (1988) ... Mrs Kang / Mita Sudan
    Mr. Possessed (1988) ... Mrs Lee
    Mother Vs Mother (1988) ... Li Fa Lang
    Perfect Girls (1990) ... Jau Heung Heung
    She Shoots Straight (1990) ... Mrs. Huang
    Fatal Vacation (1990) ... Grandmother
  Tang started to learn Cantonese opera as a child and by the age of 15 she was already in leading roles. She was adept in many types of characters and was often called The Versatile Opera Queen. Most of the films she performed in were either screen versions of operas or comedies. The more well known of them are Between Life and Death, Sad Wedding, The Swallows Message, A Nagging Wife Meets Her Fierce Mother-in-law, Funny Girl Joins the Army and Gambler Pawns His Wife. In those films she was often the intractable daughter-in-law, the good hearted but potty girl or the domestic helper from Shunde. From 1968 onwards she played in many popular TV dramas like A House is Not a Home, Chameleon and Love Affair. She was particularly remembered for her role of Ma-da in Seasons.
- source HKTB
Born: 1926 Died 3.21.1991

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