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Wong Sau-Han  ♀

Filmography (1955-1976)
  Actor (13 films)
    Backyard Adventures (1955) ... Fitness student
    A Male Widow? (1955)    
    Bloodshed in the Chu Palace (1956)    
    The Romantic Monk (1956)    
    The Precious Lotus Lamp (1956) ... Fairy
    My Good Nephew (1959)    
    When the Blind Man Sees His Son-in-law (1961) ... Chau Sin, Kwan's servant
    Nocturnal Mission of Three Kunlun Swordswomen (1961)    
    Lodging of a Complaint Before the Imperial Court by the Young Amazons (1961)    
    Ten Tender Nights (1962)    
    Spell of Love (1962)    
    The Fake Husband (1964)    
    The Drug Queen (1976)