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Lau Siu-Man  ♂

Filmography (1955-1960)
  Actor (45 films)
    Spanking the Princess (1955)    
    Little Sweetheart (1956)    
    Journey to the West (1956)    
    Meeting a Fairy While Slaying the Dragon (1956)    
    How Chan Kung Reprimanded Cho (1957)    
    How Mu Guiying and Yang Zongbao Defeated the Heavenly Gate Militia (1957)    
    Fifteen Strings of Coins (1957)    
    The Flag Which Conquered 7 Provinces (1957)    
    Pigsy's Marriage (1957) ... King of Hell
    How Old Master Jiang Crossed the River (1957)    
    How Prince Xinling Stole the General's Seal to Save the State of Zhao (1957)    
    Filial Son's Bridge in Guangdong (1958)    
    Lady Wen's Return to the Han People (1958)    
    The Tragedy of Han Palace (1958)    
    How Shui Bing-Sum Thrice Played Tricks on Koi Kei-Cho (1958)    
    The Flying Prince (1958)    
    Fan Lihua Bears a Son in the Golden-Light Militia (1958)    
    Ne Zha Is His Mother's Escort (Part 1) (1958)    
    Red Maid, the Matchmaker (1958)    
    How the Snake Beauty Struck the Mountain Asunder to Rescue the Prince (Part 2) (1958)    
    How the Snake Beauty Struck the Mountain Asunder to Rescue the Prince (Part 1) (1958)    
    Dragon and Phoenix Revelry (1958)    
    Dragon King's Idiot Son-in-Law (1959)    
    Follow the Husband (1959)    
    Emperor Zhengde's Romantic Adventures (1959)    
    Wong Fei-Hung on Rainbow Bridge (1959)    
    The Brave Daughters of Han (1959)    
    Boat-girls' Battle for Love (1959)    
    The Case of the Human Head (Part 1) (1959)    
    King Kong's Adventures in the Heavely Palace (1959)    
    How Scarlet Boy Rescued His Mother from the Dragon King's Palace (1959) ... Sandy
    The Prince of the Sea-god (1960)    
    Flower Boy (1960)    
    Magic Lamp (1960)    
    The Unknown Benefactress (1960)    
    The Story of Wong Ang the Heroine (1960) ... Fan Tai-Hong
    Romantic Music (Part 2) (1960)    
    Two Honourable Sisters (1960)    
    To Whom Should the True Murderer Be? (1960)    
    Fan Lay Far (1960)    
    Emperor's Rhapsody (1960)    
    Romantic Music (Part 1) (1960) ... Emperor
    Wong An Vs. the Flying Tigers (1960) ... Fan Tai-Hong
    Wong Fei-Hung's Combat in the Boxing Ring (1960)    
    Madam Yun (1960)