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Hsu Te-Li
Aliases:  Chui Tak-Lei,  Shyu Der-Lih,  Tsui Tak-Lei,  Shu Te-Li
Filmography (1968-1982)
  Cinematographer (25 films)
    Gambit (1968)    
    Eight Robbers (1968)    
    Unparallelled Judo Knife (1970)    
    The Fairy's Bride (1971)    
    Happiness and Joy (1971)    
    Rider of Revenge (1971)    
    The Bride From Hell (1972)    
    Love in the Spring (1974)    
    The Death Player (1975)    
    Disciples of Shaolin (1975)    
    The Super Love (1977)    
    It's Azalea's Time (1977)    
    Love Across the Bridge (1977)    
    The Smiling Face (1977)    
    Love Stories (1977)    
    Lung Wei Village (1978)    
    Hero of the Time (1979)    
    Flower Just Smile in the Spring Breeze (1980)    
    The River Never Return (1980)    
    Ma! Don't Die on My Back (1981)    
    Lucky By Chance (1981)    
    The Modern Spy (1981)    
    Small Potatoes' Joke (1981)    
    Xin Yun He Xun Qing Ji (1982)    
    Dirty Trick (1982)