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Lee Ga-Sai  ♀
Aliases:  Li Chia-Chien,  Li Chia-Hsien,  Jessie Lee,  Jessie Li Chia-Hsi,  Jassie Li
Born: August 11th, 1943

Filmography (1969-1987)
  Actor (17 films)
    I Love You Forever (1969)    
    Her Tender Age (1970)    
    The Great Wall (1970)    
    The Great Plot (1970)    
    The Devil's Mirror (1971) ... Jiuxuan Witch
    The Living Sword (1971)    
    Heroes of Sung (1971) ... Yannu
    The Noctural Killer (1971)    
    The Fugitive (1972) ... Fung Da Jiao
    Golden Rose (1972)    
    The Stranger (1973)    
    Lovable Mr. Able (1974)    
    The Gigolo (1974)    
    Lucky, Lucky (1974)    
    Sea-Wave in Sunset and Love (1977)    
    Lost Generation (1983) ... Concert guest
    People's Hero (1987) ... Bank customer
  Li was born in Shanghai and moved to Taiwan with her grandparents at age 5. She became an actor coincidentally and starred in various films during the 1970s, including "The Great Wall", "The Devil's Mirror", "Heroes of Sung" and "Lovable Mr. Able". She played the Devil Girl in "The Devil's Mirror". [...] In "Heroes of Sung", Li portrayed the mighty subordinate of the head of Feng Yun Tang. Li withdrew from the limelight in the late 1980s, white winning at cooking contests organized by Asia Television (ATV) and the Hong Kong Tourism Council respectively. She also became a columnist at Next Magazine with topics on cookery, and then later as the Courtesy Ambassador of the Tourism Council. In 1994, Li joined the Landis Taipei Hotel in Taiwan as the publicity manager of Chinese catering. She also hosted a cookery TV program with her son Hou Kuan-Chiung at China Television (CTV).

From the Celestial DVD release of "The Devil's Mirror".