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Lu Biao  ♂
Aliases:  Law Biu,  Lau Biu,  Lu Piao,  Liu Biao,  Lou Biu,  Lu Guan-Yu,  Lu Kuan-Yu

Filmography (1971-1998)
  Actor (12 films)
    Black and White Swordsmen (1971)    
    The Escape (1972) ... Officer
    The Lone Hero (1973)    
    Girl Named Iron Phoenix (1973)    
    Chinese Kung Fu and Acupuncture (1973)    
    The Devil's Messengers (1974)    
    Woman of the Hour (1977)    
    The Invincible Swordswoman (1977)    
    Love and Sin (1996)    
    The Island of Greed (1997)    
    Yan Gui Zai Ni Zuo You (1997)    
    Shashou Qingren (1998)