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Yan Bi-Jun  ♀
Aliases:  Yan Bijun,  Ngai Bik-Kwun,  Ngan Bik-Kwan
Filmography (1947-1953)
  Makeup (6 films)
    New Arabian Nights (1947)    
    A Dream of Spring (1947)    
    Madame X (1947)    
    You're Smart in One Way, I in Another (1947)    
    An All-Consuming Love (1947)    
    Sorrows of the Forbidden City (1948)    
  Actor (14 films)
    A Dream of Spring (1947)    
    An All-Consuming Love (1947) ... Jou's mother
    In the Sea of Life En'isled (1948)    
    Encounter at Hongbi (1949) ... Ninth Madam Ba
    Revenge of the Great Swordsman (1949)    
    Mysterious Heroine (1949) ... Yuk Lan
    A Maid's Bitter Story (1949)    
    Twenty Four Hours of Marriage (1950)    
    To See the Clouds Roll (1950)    
    The Moon-Blanch'd Land (1952)    
    A Respectable Family (1952)    
    Gone to the Dogs (1952)    
    A Songstress Called Hong Lingyan (1953)    
    New West Chamber (1953)