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沈時華  ♀
Shen Shi-Hua
Sum Si-Wa,  Shen Shih-Hua,  Sam Shut-Wa,  Sum Si-Wah,  Seng Se-Hwa

Filmography (1976-2009)
  Actor (11 films)
    The Traitorous (1976)    
    Another Love Story (1978)    
    Love Pursuit (1978)    
    Autumn Memories (1978)    
    Love Is Above Wealth and Nobility (1978)    
    The Misty Rain of Yesterday's (1979)    
    Fly Up with Love (1979)    
    Wandering Knight (1979)    
    Fighting Life (1981)    
    Four Encounters (1982)    
    Young Spirit of a Taiwanese Opera Singer (2009)