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Sze-To Man
Aliases:  Sze-Tao Ming
Filmography (1954-1979)
  Writer (14 films)
    Blood-Stained Flowers (1954)    
    Golden Voice (1955)    
    Love Is Like a Running Brook (1956)    
    The Nightingale of Alishan (1957)    
    The Model's Romance (1959)    
    Bloodbath Nightspot (1963)    
    Bus Young Lady (1964)    
    Night Club of Bloodshed (1966)    
    The 'B' 'B' Baboon Belle (1971)    
    Fairy Fox (1975)    
    Great Escape from Women's Prison (1976)    
    Of Cooks and Kung Fu (1979)    
    Seven Steps of Kung Fu (1979)    
    Ten Brothers of Shaolin (1979)