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Ricardo Mamood  ♂
Ric Mamood,  Ricmamood,  Ric Mamond,  Ricardo Mamood-Vega
Born: June 5th, 1968

Filmography (2000-2004)
  Actor (9 films)
    Gen-Y Cops (2000) ... Quincy
    Summer Breeze of Love (2002) ... German actor in b&w film
    So Close (2002) ... Peter
    The Twins Effect (2003) ... Ethan
    The Medallion (2003) ... Interpol Agent Martin
    Let's Love Hong Kong (2003) ... Nicole's friend at bar
    Infernal Affairs II (2003) ... Alan
    Star Runner (2003) ... Coach Rudy
    Heat Team (2004) ... Toothpick
  Landed a part in a children's stageplay production at the age of 5; since then all he wanted to be was an actor. At 8 he moved (with his single mother-of-two) to the rough "villas" outside Buenos Aires where he lived until he left home at 16 (he walked out for the first time when 12). Started acting/theatre studies when he was 15 and performed with alternative theatre groups while managing to work and attending high school at night. He did not go to college but at 18 managed to get a junior job, and later to make a career, in the corporate world; which later allowed him to afford and continue learning the craft and travel around the world. He attended at the New Actors Workshop in New York (Mike Nichols' school). In Argentina he trained with Julio Baccaro, Oscar Orest (who directed him in a few English-spoken plays) and with writer-director Javier Torre ("The Angry Toy", "The Tombs"). He continued performing on stage in Buenos Aires and in 1994 he produced and directed a free version of "Cronica de un secuestro" ("Chronicle of a kidnapping") by Mario Diament. In 1995 he was transfered to Hong Kong where he continued his acting career. He is now a full-time actor and since his arrival has worked on features as well as short, independent films, stage, TV and commercials.