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Wu Tie-Yi
Aliases:  Wu Tieyi,  Ng Tit-Yik
Filmography (1948-1975)
  Writer (21 films)
    Song of a Songstress (1948)    
    Tong Shi Tian Ya Lun Lao Ren (1948)    
    The Awful Truth (1950)    
    Twenty Four Hours of Marriage (1950)    
    Beauty in Disguise (1953)    
    Over the Rolling Hills (1956)    
    Girl in Disguise (1956)    
    Love and Crime (1957)    
    Immortal Tunes of Show-Biz (1957)    
    Love at First Sight (1958)    
    Poisonous Roses (1958)    
    A Heaven-Sent Son (1958)    
    Springtime on the Beach (1959)    
    Lovers in a Sea of Desire (1959)    
    The Lady Musketeer (1960)    
    Nobody's Child (1960)    
    Venture of the Lady Musketeer (1961)    
    The Spirits (1969)    
    Happy Times (1970)    
    Martial Arts (1974)    
    Money Money Money (1975)