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劉文雄  ♂
Liu Wen-Hsiung
Lau Man-Hung

Filmography (1970-1983)
  Actor (12 films)
    Secret Agent Chung King No.1 (1970)    
    The Ghost's Sword (1971)    
    Magical Power of Fan Li Wa (1971)    
    Blood and Guts (1971)    
    The Professional Killer (1971)    
    The Five Devil Ghost (1971)    
    The Evil Karate (1971)    
    China Armed Escort (1976)    
    I Fell in Love with Little Lover (1980)    
    Woman Grinder's Revenge (1980)    
    The Modern Spy (1981)    
    Genius, Dictator, Guards (1983)