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Ying Hsia  ♀
Aliases:  Aau Ha,  Yin Hsia,  In-Shar,  Angela Yin

Filmography (1980-1987)
  Actor (13 films)
    Don't Forget the Promise (1980)    
    Crazy World (1981)    
    The Clouds Know Your Name (1981)    
    The Second One-on-One (1981)    
    Wandering Prodigal (1981)    
    Girl with a Gun (1982) ... Liang Pi-Ho [title char]
    The Second Occasion (1982)    
    The Wayward Angels (1982)    
    The Thunderbolt Commander (1984)    
    Hooking Up (1984)    
    Pledge in Quick Sand (1984)    
    Women Warriors of Kinmen (1985)    
    Crackdown Mission (1987) ... [GIRL WITH A GUN footage]
  Younger sister of actress Chen Chen.