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Ng Kwok-Soon
Aliases:  Ng Kwok San,  Ng Kwok Shun,  Wu Kuo-Hsin
Filmography (1979-2000)
  Cinematographer (11 films)
    Demon Strike (1979)    
    The Buddha Assassinator (1980)    
    Ninja in the Dragon's Den (1982)    
    Don't Trust a Stranger (1982)    
    Silly Partner (1982)    
    Love Don't Say Goodbye (1983)    
    The Funny Vampire (1986)    
    Promising Young Boy (1987)    
    Black Shoes and White Shoes (1989)    
    After the Midnight (1989)    
    Black Butterfly (1990)    
  Director (3 films)
    Chase You in a Life (1998)    
    Wild Flower (1998)    
    Camouflage (2000)