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Tam Siu-Fung  ♀

Filmography (1935-1940)
  Actor (14 films)
    Opera Stars and Song Girls (1935)    
    Three Trials of Yu Tangchun (1939)    
    Burning of the Shaolin Temple (1939)    
    The Beautiful Woman Warrior (1939)    
    The Seven Fairies Marry the Eight Immortals (1939)    
    The Case of the Jealous Actor (1939)    
    Hubbub at Three Gate Street (1939)    
    Twelve Widows (1939)    
    Escape from the Palace (1940)    
    The Chinese Tarzan (1940)    
    Twin Flowers (1940)    
    Mayhem on the Spring Lantern Festival (1940)    
    The Magic Eye (1940)    
    Who's the Bride? (1940)