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Woo Chap-Chung
Aliases:  C. C. Hu Chi-Chong,  Hwu Jyr-Jong
Filmography (1982-1991)
  Production Manager (2 films)
    Drunken Tai Chi (1984)    
    The Campus Incidents. (1985)    
  Producer (1 film)
    The Clownest Person Has Good Luck (1983)    
  Presenter (8 films)
    The Outlaw (1982)    
    The Denouncement of Chu Liu Hsiang (1983)    
    Last Hero in China (1984)    
    Ann Ann (1984)    
    Taste of Mercy (1985)    
    The Outsiders (1986)    
    Dangerous Choices (1989)    
    Love in Venice (1991)