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He Zhao-Zhang  ♂
Aliases:  He Zhaozhang,  Ho Siu-Cheung
Born: September 7th, 1915

Filmography (1933-1949)
  Sound Recordist (6 films)
    Spring Silkworms (1933)    
    A Bible for Girls (1934)    
    Twin Sisters (1934)    
    New Year's Coin (1937)    
    Flower of Society (1937)    
    The West Chamber (1940)    
  Director (8 films)
    Luo Hua Hen (1942)    
    Peach Blossum Pond (1943)    
    Reunion (1943)    
    An All-Consuming Love (1947)    
    In the Sea of Life En'isled (1948)    
    The Broken Dream (1948)    
    The Ways of Three Sisters (1949)    
    Wang Chuan Qiu Shui (1949)    
  Entered films as a sound man, working on over 40 films. Began directing 1941 with 20 films to credit as dir. Now retired.