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To Wai-Tung  ♂
Aliases:  Du Huidong
Filmography (1999-2004)
  Actor (2 films)
    Century Hero (1999)    
    Dragon Since 1973 (2004)    
  He was the promotion manager of Golden Harvest. Briefly, he and a group of reporters met Bruce Lee in TVB canteen. A reporter took BL's picture without asking, that made BL very angry and broke the camera (or threat to break? It's a bit confused). To Wai Tung wrote, he was young and impetuous, and felt the need to save the reporter, so he challenged to fight (in fact he know some kungfu). BL refused and said, if he did fight with To, To will get famous even he lost it. BL wouldn't allow it happened. Since then, people said To challenged BL - Translation of linked article by Fan.