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Nomoto Miho  ♀
Aliases:  Ching Ga Mei,  Miho Nomoto
Born: November 10th, 1974

Filmography (1997-2001)
  Actor (3 films)
    The Peeping Tom (1997) ... Kelly
    Lady in Heat (1999) ... Inspector Chia Mei
    Sex Medusa (2001) ... Fong
  Born in Saitama. After several videofilms in Japan in 1995, this model debuted movies in the sixth film of the Kunoichi saga, "Kunoichi Ninpocho: Ninja Getsueisho" followed by "Fudoh: The Next Generation" (both from 1996). The success of these movies led her to do several movies in Hong Kong, beginning with "The Peeping Tom" in 1997.