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Pan Guo-Xing
Aliases:  Pan Guo-Xin,  Pan Guoxing,  Poon Kwok-Seng,  Poon Gwok-Seng
Filmography (1991-2008)
  Composer (15 films)
    Loyal Fighters (1991)    
    Bloody Incident in Hongkong (1992)    
    Duo Ming Ju Hun Shanghai Tan (1993)    
    Mr. Wang's Burning Desire (1993)    
    A Girl in Danger (1994)    
    San Mao Joins the Army (1994)    
    Yue Hun (1995)    
    Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (1998)    
    Crash Landing (1999)    
    Burning Harbor (2000)    
    Red Snow (2002)    
    Shanghai Women (2002)    
    Shanghai Rumba (2006)    
    Road to Dawn (2007)    
    Dowry (2008)